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Family Announcements (aka I'm a Bridezilla)

Please help me adjust my attitude :(

Yesterday we had a get together with FI's extended family, and two of his cousins announced they are expecting!! I was super happy for them until they told me their due dates...May 20th and June 14th. Our wedding is June 1st. I'm so extremely disappointed that they won't be able to come, the cousin who's due on May 20th is my favorite relative of FI's, and I was really looking forward to celebrating with her.

Should I consider trying to move our wedding date so they could attend? We've already put down deposits for the ceremony and reception venues and our photographer. It will be a two hour drive for both of them and I don't expect them to do any traveling so close to their due dates.

Here's the Bridezilla part: I'm really worried that his family won't even care about our wedding, and will just be focused on being excited about the impending me snap out of it!!

Re: Family Announcements (aka I'm a Bridezilla)

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    Why do you need anyone to be excited about the wedding?  You and your FI being excited for it is enough.

    Babies trump weddings all the time.  It's no big deal.  The new mom and mom-to-be may or may not attend and that is true not matter what day of the year you get married.  Don't change anything and keep planning the wedding you have been planning.
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    One of my very best friends on earth announced back in May that he and his wife were expecting and the due date is November 7th.  My wedding is November 2nd.  I'm incredibly bummed that they won't be able to attend our wedding, but I'm beyond thrilled for them and we weren't going to change our wedding plans to accommodate 2 people.  As long as his wife isn't in labor, we're hoping that another mutual friend can get them on Skype so they can at least "attend" our brief ceremony.

    On another note, no one will ever care about your wedding as much as you do.  Don't expect all of your family and friends to be over the moon excited or you will be greatly disappointed.
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    One of my bridesmaids is due Nov 8th and my wedding is Nov 3rd, she has every intention of being at the wedding as long as circumstances permit, that being said, she has been nothing but helpful and excited about my upcoming wedding. On another note my FSIL announced her pregnancy three months before our wedding- none of the relatives will see her before the wedding, but it's still going to be OUR day not hers. Your families are going to be excited, you can be excited about more than one thing at a time!
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    I just found out the other day FI sister, one of my BM, is due 4 weeks after the wedding but she just recently found out she is a very high risk pregnancy and there is a good possibility she will deliver early or be on bedrest for my wedding. She's IN the wedding, and I'm not going to change any plans. I really hope she can be there, cause it is FI sister, but her and baby's health takes priority over anything. 

    On top of that, we found out FI cousin's wife is ALSO pregnant and due a week before the wedding, so who knows what will happen with them. We're bummed because this is the brother of the cousin who already can't make it, and it may turn out that both of his favorite cousins won't be there.

    Just hope for the best and continue with wedding plans, and be happy about lots of new babies.
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    Do not change your plans. They will either come or they won't even if you moved it up a couple months they might decline attending because being 7 months pregnant is uncomfortable. If you moved it back a few months they may decline because they have a newborn. And not to be morbid here but they are both still in their first trimester so they could miscarry. Can you imagine how horrible they would feel if in addition to losing their baby they knew that they had also needlessly cost you thousands of dollars in lost deposits. Please don't change your date.
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    Thanks so much for the feedback, I will keep our original wedding date. I hope they can make it, but I'm not counting on it. I just feel like I might get pressure from FI's family to move the date. His mom has a history of putting him last and not having much empathy for his feelings. His aunt (who will the grandma of both babies) might throw a fit and I'm not even kidding. On another note, I certainly don't expect anyone to be nearly as excited about our wedding as we are, but I do expect our families to want to attend and to be happy to be there. What I'm afraid of is an "ugh why are we wasting our time with this when we could be talking about BABIES!?" attitude from his family. Arendiva- I have thought about that too...the cousin that is due June 14th hasn't even been to the doctor yet (she calculated her own due date) and is only 4 weeks pregnant!! Kind of early to make an announcement, IMO.
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    I was 8 and 3/4 months pregnant at FSIL's wedding (had my daughter while they were honeymooning) and I still had a great time. If they are able to come, they will, and the day will still be about you. 
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