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pre-wedding dreams

Last night I dreamt that it was the day of the wedding and I forgot my dress and was begging my mom to drive 2.5 hours back to my house to get it! I've had the same dream with the flowers and the rings! It makes me laugh now because it's so silly, how could I forget those things? but after my dream I couldn't sleep because I was thinking about how all the guests eyes would be on me and it was freaking me out!  26 days to go and I'm feeling pretty good, just a few more tasks and we'll be all set =)
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Re: pre-wedding dreams

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    In Response to <a href="">Re:prewedding dreams</a>:
    [QUOTE]I don't remember any weird wedding dreams, but DH had a recurring one where the I was supposed to start down the aisle and nothing happens. Then one of my BMs turns to him and tells him that I'm not coming. Turns out apparently I'd gotten cold feet at the last minute and MOH ended up taking me, the gifts, and both mine and DH's suit cases to Mexico. He always woke up grumpy after those, lol. Enjoy the next month. It will fly by!
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    <div>This has actually happened in real life to someone. I don't remember what show it was but it had to do with being left at the alter & later on finding your partner to marry. </div><div>
    </div><div>When i think to much or do to much in a day i have wedding "nightmares". We all hope everything goes perfect (it rarely does) but for me it plays out subconsciously. </div><div>
    </div><div>My worst was not having anything, no hair, no make up, no rings, nothing & my fiance running to walmart to get rings, but he could only find one for himself. At that point we already had our rings locked in the safe lol. </div>
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    I had a dream a few years ago that I showed up to our wedding wearing a dress I loved, but realized my boyfriend would hate it, so I hid from him.

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    I have had all SORTS of wedding nightmares lately. 

    One, where Marc Anthony  was having a concert the morning of my wedding...  (He is a latin singer, best known for marrying JLo, but also happens to be one of my favorite latin artists)....    I did NOT want to miss the concert and he was running late, so I decided I would just make everyone wait for me, and I wouldn't leave the concert before he was done.  Even though it was already like 2 hours late for my own wedding. 

    Another where my BM showed up in sweats and a tshirt and said she decided she hated her dress (she picked it out) and she said she would only be in the wedding if I let her swear the sweatpants.

    the last one...   was I turned the corner to walk down my aisle... and there were only 8 people there.  EIGHT !  out of a guest list of about 140. 

    This shizzle is crazy.
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    I am having dreams about body parts falling out. My hair is falling out, and my teeth. ICK. They can go away any time now!
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    I think thisis totally normal. My most recent wedding dream I had forgotten to shave my armpits and none of my BMs had a razor. I have no idea what it means, but it was weird
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    In Response to Re:prewedding dreams:[QUOTE]I am having dreams about body parts falling out. My hair is falling out, and my teeth. ICK. They can go away any time now! Posted by Jessimb0587[/QUOTE] I've had that dream so many times do your teeth grow back in yours lol I'm still over a year out and I'm having dreams about the wedding just don't stress as fh tells me.
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    I have had multiple ones, where my dress was hot pink and leather (the salon gave me the wrong dress), to where i wasn't ready no hair, make up, dress.

    Also, where we were at a friends wedding and decided to get married right after them.

    The latest was on Sunday, where my mom gave me a cd that had all of the music for the ceremony on it and i lost it 5 min before the wedding, so then i decided i would download the music on my iphone, but i couldn't connect to itunes. I wasn't dressed and neither was the wedding party.

    I've noticed I only have these dreams when I do alot of wedding stuff that day. So if you can, take a couple hours to not just relax and not think of anything wedding related!!
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    I have had some nightmares too.  The latest one was where I was setting up while guets were arriving and we didn't have enough seats.  No makeup or hair and i went looking for a slaon that was open on a Sunday (while I was already late to my wedding). Also we had to get rings.  It was terrible.  LOL
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    haha all your dreams are so funny! I have the dreams when I do alot of wedding stuff the day before too.  One was that I got to the reception and only 6 people were there, I asked my mom where everyone went and she said they had all gone out for pizza! I was so mad it was ridiculous and silly lol =)
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    Ive been having some crazy ones as well. 

    my hair is down to the middle of my back and in my cream I woke up the day before the wedding and my hair had been cut up to my ears in the middle of the night! 
    I was in tears and so upset because my hair had been cut so short and I couldnt wear my veil because I no longer had enough hair to hold it up. 

    another where it was the day of the wedding and nothing was ready. The tent had a giant hold in it, half the lights were burned out, the food was never delivered, and nobody showed up. it was just another day to everyone else. 

    basically in all of them its things going wrong. its never about him and me. 
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    aw well we're getting so close, both of us have only 3 weeks to go! I'm sure both our weddings will be great no matter what dreams we have, good luck mrs. k =)
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