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Questions for Dog Owners

Hey dog owners! I have an 8 lb Yorkie who refuses to sit still in the car. Not a big problem when FI and I are together, but if I have to take her somewhere on my own, it's a safety issue. I have been considering getting a doggie car seat for her. She does have a small carrying bag, but she loves looking out the window on car rides and if she goes in the bag, she can't see anything (just the boring view of me driving... hehe). 

So my questions are: what is your opinion on the safety/utility of car seats for dogs? If you're a fan of them, what brand would you recommend?

Thanks in advance for the suggestions!
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Re: Questions for Dog Owners

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    A friend of mine had a soft kennel for her little dog. The sides were mesh so she could still see out the window. She had it on a booster kind of thing so it was high enough for her to see out the window and it was secured by a seat belt.
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    I have a little leash thing that clips into the seatbealt buckle and on his harness. You can adjust the length depending on the siz of dog so that the dog is basically tethered to the seat.
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    We have a special harness that a seatbelt can go through to lock in our english bulldog.

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    heb557heb557 member
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    We used to have a seat belt when my dog was a pup. I've also seen "window like" beds that go in the back seat. That might work? since it would sit higher up in the car.
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    Chels&JimmyChels&Jimmy member
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:14Discussion:bee8c01e-36a5-4a57-8784-96cafc24d68fPost:6d1ddd47-e2ba-428a-8a13-c68f720d621f">Re: Questions for Dog Owners</a>:
    [QUOTE]<a rel="nofollow" href=""></a> ^^^This is what we have for our dogs.  You put the seatbelt around it and there's a clip that you attach to your dog's harness (I would rec a harness not a collar) so if you stop suddenly, the dog doesn't go flying.  They come in different sizes.  The dog is high enough to look out the window but still safe.
    Posted by jcbsjr[/QUOTE]

    This is what I was referring to when I said "doggie car seat". Hehe.

    sbradke, do you remember where you got the leash clip from?

    Thank you all very much for your suggestions so far!
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    We have one of these for our 16 pound Shih Tzu:

    He always wears this and is strapped to a seatbelt in the back seat when he's in the car. He'd be safe if we happened to get into a wreck (from airbags, flying through a window, or getting out and being hit by a car) and he can't get out and under the drivers feet or step on the gear shifter. It's easy to get on, he can still hop up and see out the window, and is easy to switch from car to car or take with us on a trip if need be. 
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    Thank you guys for all of the suggestions! I looked through everything y'all posted and ended up purchasing a booster seat like the one jcbsjr has. I hope my little girl likes it! I'm going to try and see if she'll lay in it at home this week so she gets used to how it feels and smells.
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    go to you can find things alot cheaper and just as good of quality. plus if you live close to mass. although i know this is international they have an acutal store too.
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