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I need help with a decision

I messed up and didn't realize that I had to come up with tablecloths for our reception hall tables. I thought that they had ivory and white but if I wanted another color I had to rent them. Well that is not the case and I have to rent them no mater what now. Well I didn't put this into the budget so I don't know if I should just buy some plastic tablecloths that we can afford or should I go with the linens that will help with the over all picture of my reception hall. I am really torn because most likely guests won't really remember if I had cloth linens or plastic but I am really torn!

Please help!
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Re: I need help with a decision

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    I think it kind of depends on the rest of the reception.. how formal is it? Idk.. I just feel like plastic table cloths might look too cheap. I get your dilemma though because I am a budget bride but I might just go ahead with the cloth linens.
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    Cloth is nicer, but plastic is cheaper. Find out how much it is to rent them, how much it would be to buy them second hand, if you could buy the fabric and make them yourself, or even if a place like Sams Club or Costco has them in bulk (you could always sell them when you're done). 

    But if it's not in your budget, it's not in your budget! Don't break your piggy bank for linens that no one will remember!
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    I have looked at all the options.

    Linens: $6 per table
    plastic : $2 per table
    purchasing : roughly $9-10 per table (cheapest I have found)

    I don't have time to make them myself or I would.

    Thank you for your advice. I am still conteplating because this is a formal wedding. At this point I can't see my tables with plastic on them but then my budget is really yelling at me.

    Thanks again for the advice!
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    Check out  You can buy them for close to the price of renting, and then sell them after the wedding.
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:14Discussion:bf175408-a346-4860-87f5-a9d2d3394549Post:f9ae2d0a-f25b-4cbd-b5d5-8782630b2fe2">Re: I need help with a decision</a>:
    [QUOTE]Check out .  You can buy them for close to the price of renting, and then sell them after the wedding.
    Posted by NillaWafer10[/QUOTE]

    If it's a formal wedding, I would definitely go with Nilla's suggestion.
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    Especially since your wedding is formal, I'd really really opt for cloth tablecloths. That's me, though- I'm a stickler for overall design & decor details, and I do get obsessive over the chairs at events. I realize most people care less than I do.

    Is there any chance you have a friend with a sewing machine you could ask to do the tablecloths for you? I know it's a faux pas but if you're able to source the fabric cheaply (JoAnn's is having a big sale right now, I think) and bring a pie or casserole with you it could get done that way.
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    We are having a formal weddign and I seen no reason to pay $8 per tablecloth. We are buying ours from Sams Club the Item #: 688203 54x108 Tablecovers - 6 pk
    They are not plastic but tissue but they are heavy and thick!!! Just an idea!
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    If you're having a formal wedding plastic will not fit in.  How about doing to the local Walmart and seeing what they have?
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    $6 per table to rent linen doesn't seem that bad at all.  How many tables will you have?

    I would definitely notice if I went to a wedding and there were plastic tablecloths.  I think they are fine for backyard BBQs or really casual receptions, but would be out of place anywhere else.
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    I'd say it just has to do with the style of your wedding.  My reception is less formal, and we're going with plastic ones. 
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    I second the Sam's club paper tablecloth suggestion (about the same material and nicer paper napkins), my friend used them for the rehearsal dinner and they were fine, especially since the lighting was lower with candles and such.
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