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Spray tan

Did anyone's spray tan come off on their dress? I would do it two days prior to wedding but still nervous

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    I'm doing regular tanning bed tanning for my wedding but I've gotten spray tans a couple times. I never had a problem with them coming off on my clothes but the second one I got (at the same place, which was weird) peeled in a strange way. That's why I decided against it for the wedding - I didn't want it peeling weird on our honeymoon!
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    I did my spray tan two days before my wedding. It was nearly 100º on our wedding day and we had outdoor pics and I did a lot of dancing. Honestly it did come off a little on the inside of my dress just because I was sweating so much, but none was visible. If it hadn't been so hot, I don't think it would've rubbed off.

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    No problem with mine ever coming off on my clothes, but then I rarely wear white. It's just a tiny minor point, as they can look really fake when newly done, but I've been really happy with my three day rule. The goal is to look healthy instead of pastey white. Definitely get it done a couple of times before your wedding to try it out and gauge the daily fade.
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