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really looking for some good advice

I know you ladies got it. . . .

I know its frowned upon to kick someone out of your wedding party, but i just wish there was a sign and she would just quit on her own.. first she agreed to be a BM and then decided to not to talk to me for a few months and when we did speak it was about her problems and relationship issues. then i started talkin to her ex (we are freinds and he was invited to wedding) and talked some sense into him and now they are back together (YAY) now all she keeps doing is asking me questions about the wedding like how is the dress, where are we getting them from, do i have to pay for it on sunday (thats when we are going) and just a few mins ago she texted me if she, her bf, and son will be sitting together at the wedding. so my question to you ladies is:

i really dont want to tell her through a text that children arent allowed but i didnt exactly put that on my invitation either. what is a good way of telling her nicely only my FI's neices and nephews (part of wedding) are allowed and our son?
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