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my vent.. is over now or back on.. goodness

so I see a couple from my old high school is pregnant. They are juniors and have been together for about a year with many on and offs. I see people comment her with how they heard they were TTC (at 17&18) and my mind is BLOWN.
Now I had just had my son right before my 19th birthday so I know I probably shouldn't side eye it so much, but I mean come on. I was not TTC when I found out I was a senior and still a kid myself. Now I wouldn't take my son back and I'm happy for their news, but they talk to my fb 'friends' about how this baby will bring them together and how the couple thinks this will be good for them and help their relationship!

I just can't grasp that. They are in for a rude awakening and it's so aggravating that they think a little baby will help. Babies are hard work and if you don't already have a strong relationship the stress alone will tear you apart. I just get believe some couple think bringing some innocent life into a rock teenage relationship will help things. Gosh I hope it's puppies and rainbows for the baby's sake, but I just.. wow.. maybe they found out how much Amber from Teen Mom makes and wanted in on that??

Again, I know I shouldn't be judging, but I didn't believe or pretend it wasn't going to be rough when I was pregnant. I was actually depressed over the scenario of one day not being able to buy some little junky toy my son wants just because it is not in the budget.. sigh.. here come the tears. I guess that's why I'm mad they are over there acting like everything will be all puppies and rainbows now that they are expecting. 

Edit: I know I shouldn't worry and I'm over it now haha. I was just in the mood where any annoying pop-up made me mad. Now I've moved on to the cry-over-nothing stage. Gosh, anyone have some chocolate? I need about 3 pounds of it & I need to stay away from sad movies! Blah, today has been just yucky!

Just found out today the guy was trying to get back with my best friend less than 3 weeks ago. After about a week of trying he gave up and went back to his expecting girlfriend.. Oh yeah and his girlfriend is a over 5 weeks along. Ugh.. praying for this girl and her bundle of joy. Her guy on the other hand seems to have a wandering eye. End of drama- hopefully.
Screw you weight loss ticker.
Oh well, need to lose 30 pounds to be back to my pre-baby weight.
Let the diet continue..
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