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memorial table....??

so I was going to put an insert in the programs for the BM, because he died earlier this year in a car accident and we wanted those who didnt know him, to know the significance he had in our lives and the person he was. I was also going to have some words said for my grandfather and FI grandmother who have both passed. So I was thinking of maybe having a table set up with pictures of each person and who they were,like a memorial table or something (not sure if memorial would be the appropriate word) and having a poster of what the program would consist of instead of having a program for each person.
what do you guys think?

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Re: memorial table....??

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    I like the idea of mentioning in the program and maybe having a little table set up with the pics on it. You may even be able to use your gift table or the table where your escort cards will be near the entrance.
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    mkruparmkrupar member
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    I think I would mention in the programs OR have the table with pictures. I think having both is a little overkill. You want this to be a joyous day, not a day for sorrow. Everyone can take a minute to reflect on those you lost by reading the program, or looking at the pictures on the table. I think doing both is too much of a reminder of who's not there.

    ETA: And the day is supposed to be about celebrating your new lives together with those that are able to be there.
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    I think the table is a nice idea.  Perhaps maybe doing both would be a little much.    Or if you want guests to know more about the BM, then just do the program insert. 
    We are doing a table with a candle & a framed message that says "We would like to acknowledge our loved ones who could not be here with us today" and list their names.  My mom and grandma (who helped raise me) have both passed away, so I wanted something to recognize them without being a "downer".
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    We went very understated and just had a picture of each of our grandfathers sitting on a small table beside the programs in the front of the church.  We also had candles burning in front of each picture in remembrance.  I definitely wouldn't do a "poster". 
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    I'm sorry for the loss of your BM.

    I'm also with mkrupar.  One or the other.  I think both is too much.  My mom died 3 weeks before DD's wedding and her DH's dad had died 9 months before.  The minister who officiated included both in the prayer before the meal.  It was, for all of us, a nice way to mention both of these important family members, but kept the focus for the rest of the wedding and reception on the joy of the day.
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    thank you all for the input it has helped! im going to talk to th FI and see what he wants to do also.
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