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April 2012 Weddings

I'm a MRS! (Recap)

First off the wedding was amazing. it was like a fairytale come true...but overall this weekend was a bitter sweet mess of emotion.

 So I'm not a debbie downer I'm going to start out with the super sad part that has had me fighting off tears most of the day. Some of you know, but H (YAY) is in the Navy and had to be back on base today because (sometime in the near future) he has to be on the boat for training. So sunday afternoon, not even 24 hours after we said our vows he jetted away on an airplane so he wouldn't go to jail. It was probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life. I have said plenty of goodbyes, but none like this one....Originally we were going to get there a little early so I could get a pass and go sit with him and watch him board the plane, but we were running really late and they were already boarding when we got to the airport  (lines at security....psshh) So, I said my goodbyes with the rest of the family around. As he was walking away, SIL (once again...YAY) mentioned how strong I was for not being a giant blubbering mess. I told her that if I were to completely lose it (there were a few tears), it would be 100x harder for my H to leave. We have to be strong and support one another. Speaking from experience it always feels harder when you are the one walking away (err getting on the plane).  No use making him feel even more worried about leaving me. 

 Now... the fantastic part of the weekend, the wedding. The day had a few hiccups…but what is a wedding without something going wrong? Everyone had a fantastic time and commented on how beautiful everything was. We did the first look which was nice, and it did not take away from walking down the aisle, walking down the aisle is still by far the most amazing feeling.  When the doors of the church opened and the organ started playing (we had piano playing until I came out) It was just an amazing feeling having everyone look at you. There was only one small hiccup at the wedding, but overall it was a beautiful  nuptial mass. I put the wrong first reading in the programs…I guess I circled the wrong number when we went through the book and never went back and reread the reading, so we got the wrong first reading, and the priest sorta gave me a hard time about it in the homily, it was one of those ….Really?? you picked that reading? ...buuuttttt. No one will remember…

 The reception was good… everyone I talked to had a great time, they loved the food and the dancing and the overall experience of it all. I got a giant plate of food, but my stomach was all in knots (it still is, I would love to be able to eat again…) so I picked at it and left most of it.  Everyone raved about the DJ….and even H’s aunt who doesn’t dance said she was having a good time watching everyone dance. We had a good time and everything went sorta smoothly (more on that later), all evening I felt like a princess, and it is a running joke that I am a princess  in my family.  H kept the “get away” a secret for the whole night… and TBH I thought we were just going to leave in his parent’s lexis. …nope…my prince charming got me a horse drawn carriage, complete with lights and white horses. Really just a magical end to the day.

 Of course there were hiccups and they will probably get laughed at later….First, we had the beer/liquor in a cabinet…someone at church locked it. So ALL we had to go on all night was two bottles of liquor, the wine, champagne, and 4 cases of beer. We didn’t get the key to unlock it until it was too late… we were both like “WTF” when the bar tender told us we were almost out of beer… um… no.. we bought enough drinks for everyone to have at least 10 drinks. Most everyone left before we cut our cake. So we could have gone with half the cake…and still been good. Cutting the cake was sorta a cluster…because we kept waiting until H’s dad got back with the liquor cabinet key…and couldn’t wait anymore..people just kept piling out. =( same with the bouquet/garter toss… most everyone left. So I was a little upset about that. The photographer was getting on my last nerve by the end of the night, and the horse carriage was late.

 OVERALL, it was amazing..and I can’t wait to see the pictures of it all. A word of advice for the upcoming ladies,  keep in mind that nothing is worth getting upset about…not even your liquor being held hostage by a 2 inch wooden door.

Re: I'm a MRS! (Recap)

  • OMGosh, that would be the hardest thing ever to have to say goodbye the next day. :(  You are a very strong lady Amanda.

    I'm glad your day was a success though, even if they locked away your booze for most of the night!
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  • Congrats on what sounded like a beautiful wedding! I can't wait to see the pictures.

    I am so sorry about your H (yay!) having to leave so soon after your wedding! :( I couldn't even imagine! I grew up a Navy brat, so I'm all too familiar with that happening over the years... but right after your wedding! You're a strong girl, and I'm sure your H appreciates that! Thank you to you and your hubby for your sacrifices to keep our country safe! :)
  • :-(  Hang in there Amanda.
    Congratulations on being a Mrs. though.
    As Mrs. we will have to take the bad along with the good.
    I will keep you and your DH in my prayers.
  • mdphdmdphd member
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    Amanda- I was waiting to hear about your wedding!! So glad to hear it was amazing and what a nice surprise from your H with the horses.

    My H and I also left each other the day after our wedding, we will be living apart til July.  It was SO much worse having to leave him after the wedding than any other time we've done this over the past 5 years.  So I totally feel your pain and if you want we can always chat about it (here or via PMs).

    Hopefully looking at wedding pics will help keep you happy in the meantime - it's working for me so far!
  • Oh my heart just aches for you having to say good-bye to hubby so soon afterwards! 

    Your day sounds wonderful - and the carriage! What a wonderful surprise!!  I had to chuckle about the liquor hostage situation....at least our hiccup was rather minor compared to that: we forgot to bring the lemons & limes!  Ooops.

    Congratulations and Blessings to you Both!
    Be Strong!
  • Thank you ladies!! The liquor is really something to laugh about now... H spend double what we wanted to spend on his liquor so I think it is a little funny that it got locked in the closet. When I talked with H last night he did make sure and tell me that we had not actually ran out of anything by the time the cabinet got opened.. the only stinky thing was that we actually had a lot more variety than just bud light and wine. OOH well!!

    mdphd- I'm sorry! That stinks! will you be able to visit him!? Luckily H is only gone for 3 weeks and then we get to spend some time together before he deploys. It is rough as you know...but it is so much easier now with skype, cell phones, and email.
  • mdphdmdphd member
    1000 Comments Third Anniversary
    Our honeymoon starts memorial day and we will see each other two times between the wedding and then.  not as bad as it could be, but certainly not ideal!  Glad you will get to see your H in 3 weeks :)
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