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Something I use to get deals!!

I'm an avid deal-seeker if you have not seen from my other posts. I am always on Groupon and Living Social but mostly Groupon because they always have things I need. Please check it out and see what deals you can get

Re: Something I use to get deals!!

  • In Response to Re: Something I use to get deals!!:
    [QUOTE]I'm amused at this whole "vendor" thing. Nonetheless I have been on the knot since August 2011 but requested to delete my account in Feb 2012 because the colors had a bug and would not let me edit them. So I'm far from new to the knot. But like you said, if they know about groupon and living social, they know what referrals do too. Look at other places where I have posted and you see other women doing the same. Like I said, DEAL-SEEKER. Now please return to your normal day. Thank you and have a great one!
    Posted by DoveLove1020[/QUOTE]

    New or Not, you need to be disclosing that you're getting a referral bonus. I didn't see the OP, so I don't know if you did that or not.

    With that said, there used to be another knottie that CONSTANTLY 'shared' groupon and livingsocial deals on here and I'm pretty sure she was either asked to stop or banned for solicitation.

    The bolded remark wasn't needed btw. A bit snotty don't you think?
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  • In Response to Re: Something I use to get deals!!:
    [QUOTE]If you think I would have known it was "frowned upon" do you think I would have openly said I was an avid deal seeker? Anyways, when you respond to someone in a rude manner then they will respond in the same manner. For the future, if you see someone who is doing it or in any manner at that, think "Hey maybe they do not know" and kindly inform them. In my personal opinion, your response was rude and you accused me of being a vendor when I thought I was doing a good thing for myself and others. 
    Posted by DoveLove1020[/QUOTE]

    There's a difference between being a 'deal seeker' and spamming the boards. Posting your links here isn't 'seeking' deals. It's looking to turn a few quick groupon or livingsocial bucks. Post your links on your FB or email your friends and family. Don't spam up the boards.

    I'm a deal seeker. I would also say that I'm an avid deal seeker because I'm always up for a good deal or bargain. However, I am not a vendor. There's nothing wrong with looking for deals.

    However, the way you're attempting to defend yourself just makes it look that much worse.
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  • Dove, you're not a vendor at all. I can tell you're not.
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