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Does Planning fly by?

Just newly engaged, happy and enjoying it.  Enjoying being engaged and getting so excited even though the wedding is about a year and a half away (September 2011). My excitement level says tomorrow is too long!!  Now I can't wait to get married, does the time fly by??  :)

Re: Does Planning fly by?

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    Our experience:  First couple of months fly.  Then there's a lull.  Then the last 3-4 months go by in a flash. 
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    By the time I will get married (9-25-10) it will be an almost 2 year engagement. Everyone told me it would fly by but it doesn't seem to be. That's just seems to fly for everyone else though!
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    nice.. then only lulling for 11 months.. sigh!!

    Aw well now you only have 6 months left to go!  ...I bet that's how it is for everyone though, thinking they are dragging on because we just see everyone else moving on.  Well I hope it flies for you soon!!!
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    14 month engagement. The first part 8 mos or so dragged on forever and now that it is closer, the last few months have felt like I have been going full speed ahead. I know I will be definitely ready for that HM.
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    Yes it does fly by. Enjoy every moment of it. I will be married in 5 days and I keep wondering where my time went.  There will be times where you think it's going slow but enjoy those moments as well. lol

    Congrats on your engagement!
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    Never felt like anything was going slow.  From engagement to wedding will be 11 months and it has flown by.  But I didn't do wedding planning every minute of everyday, like I do now.  We got engaged then bought a house and worked on that for a while and next thing I knew I was 4 months out.  It went by quickly for me but I was planning a wedding, moving into our new house, going to school and working part time, wow! it has been a crazy year.  I can't wait until the wedding when I don't have to plan anymore,  I don't really like the planning process, but that's just me. 
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    My wedding is 9-25-10 and it will be a 18 moth engagement. At first I was so excited and wanted it to hurry and get here and I even thought about moving it closer but then time started to fly after about 4 months, now i'm getting close and the time is really flying.
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    we had a big lull for about 6 months. booked all the big stuff then just sat around for a while. now we're back into high gear. it did fly by though, i feel like it was yesterday we were saying "only a year away!!!" 
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    Agree with PP.  It moved really quickly at the beginning (7 month engagement), and then I had about a 3 month lull (like I said, really quickly), and I looked at the calendar this week, and it's like, OMG, our wedding is in 6 weeks!
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