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I want to keep both names :)

Does anybody have any suggestions or know how people keep both their names without hyphenating? I never really thought about it until now ( 5 months to go) how much I would miss my last name. ALL my friends and the community ( even teachers in high school co worker etc ) have used my last name as my first name for years like 15 years! Some people even question what my first name is. It is important to me and i want to take my FIs name but want to see my last name every now and again. My family is very small and the only people left with my last name are my mom, dad, and brother ( that I know of). Any suggestions?

Re: I want to keep both names :)

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    You can make your last name a middle name kind of like Jane Doe Scott or whatever your new last name will be.
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    I agree with Jenni, drop your middle name and make your maiden name your middle name, then add your new last name.

    My sister dropped her maiden and kept her middle name, and I'm doing the same. We have 1 male cousin with our last name so if he doesn't have kids, that's it! No more last name!
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    HinajHinaj member
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    Ditto PP.  That is what I am doing. 
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    If you like his name but want to use yours more, you could always add his name as your middle name. Since you use your last name as a first name with a lot of people, you really shouldn't drop it!
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