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Engagement Announcement?! HELP

My Fiance and I have been engaged for a little over a year and our wedding is not until May 7, 2011. We have decided to have such a long engagement so that we would be able to have our wedding on our 6 year anniversary together! However, when would be an appropriate time to put our engagement announcement in the paper? Obviously everyone already knows but I still want to put it in there! Also, did you guys use an engagement session photo, a photo from the day/night of engagement, or just a photo of the two of you together from a different event? Thanks everyone in advance I appreciate it and hope all of your planning is coming together! :o)

Re: Engagement Announcement?! HELP

  • I'm not sure about the official etiquette rules here, but if you've been engaged for over a year, and everyone already knows, then why bother with an engagement announcement? It's just my opinion, but it kind of feels anticlimatic. Sorry.
  • I think at this point since you've been engaged over a year you should skip it. Instead I would do a wedding announcement when it's get closer to your actual wedding date and you could use an e-pic for your wedding announcement.
  • I htink that if it is something important to you, then you should get it in the paper. I would put it in there now and just say "wedding in 2011". And as far as the picture, you have enough time to go somewhere and get nice pictures taken. If that is out of budget, then pick any picture of the two of you together. Just my opinion..... Enjoy your planning! :O))
  • If you've already been engaged a year, I don't see the point.
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    I know that in my area engagement announcements are still a big deal no matter how long you have been engaged. They are more for keepsake purposes. I would go ahead and do it soon.

    We got engaged in September but we will have a very long engagement so I am in the same boat. A lot of people know we are engaged but there are still people that I don't see often that may like to know or even people who do know that may want to clip it out and save it.

    I would say do it as soon as you get the chance. I think that anytime this year would be appropriate because every time I look in the paper the couple is getting married within a year's time.

    Good luck! :)

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