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9.11.01 Never Forget. God Bless America!

I remember where I was, and who I was with, and what I was doing 10 years ago. 10 years ago, my two best friends, Joey and Norberto (R.I.P.), and myself were dilly-dallying avoiding our Grammar class like the plague. The three of us had forgotten to do our homework.....again.

The second bell had rung to signal the start of 2nd period and we were still laughing it up in the hallway by the locker. The three of us rounded the corner into the classroom to find one of our classmates sitting on the teachers' stool, mouth agape and eyes wide. Our teacher was from New York and was behind her desk, her eyes welled with tears and her hand over her mouth. We slowly stepped into the classroom and turned around to see the TV, seconds later, the second plane hit. At that point, our class clown buried his head in his backpack, and started sobbing. His aunt worked in Tower 2. Several classmates ran to his side as all my books fell to the floor. At that moment the school's secretary came over the P.A. for teachers to close and lock all doors and move students away from all windows as our school sat right across the street from a government building and 2 blocks from the county  courthouse.

Family by family, students were sent home and escorted to their parents' vehicles by other faculty members who did not have classes at that time. I remember my name, my sister, my 2 brothers, and two of our friends being called to go home. The halls were abandoned. Our faculty member had her walkie-talkie and confirmed that "The Jones Family" and "The Smith Family" were on their way down to the cafeteria for dismissal. We saw her confirm that we were safely in my mom's van and going home.

My youngest brother was 5 and my mom didn't want him to see the world falling apart and put on cartoons. I remember sneaking away to watch the news for hours on end in another room.

Where were you?

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