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Moving really is a b***h

My FI and I decided to take (another) plunge and move in together.  His condo is great, and literally half a mile from mine, so we just borrowed a friend's truck to move my things.  What is not so great, however is that I work at 8 AM at the airport Enterprise, and just realized my keys are still in said friend's truck.  FI offered to let me borrow his car since he has today off, but he would be stranded until 6 PM.  

At least I work for Enterprise and live near another one, which will pick me up AND give me a fat employee discount! Another $30 down the drain, but in the world of moving expenses, I guess that's small beans.

Some days I just wonder how I managed to be so smart...

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Re: Moving really is a b***h

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    Congrats on taking the next step!

    I know the feeling, I used to lock my keys in my car all the time...I'd totally appreciate having that option of renting a car cheap and having them pick me up tho!
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    Congratulations on moving in together!
    At least you get a discount :( That sucks though, I hope you can get your keys back soon.
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