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short wedding planning anyone?

Usually, people on TK talk about how they are planning for a wedding and its usually a year of planning. I'm just wondering is there anyone who planned their wedding in a shorter amount of time?

Re: short wedding planning anyone?

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    I planned my first wedding in two days - literally.

    The suggestion is a year of planning in order to ensure you have time to order certain items, book venues and professionals (DJs, Photographers), order cake, etc.  I am sure there are many who have had to move up weddings for a variety of reasons.

    Bottom line is, a wedding can be pulled off in a short amount of time.  All is takes is the two people, an officiant, and a witness or two.

    Happy Planning!
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    From the time we got engaged to married, a little over 8 months. I was very organized and my husband and I knew exactly what we wanted. So it was just pick something, then move on... You can do it in as little time as you want... You just need enough time to get things done. Best of luck.
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