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Migraine Headaches

Hey Ladies,

I've suffered from mirgaine headaches since I was 8 years old.  I've been seeing a naturopath for the las 4 years and things have gotten significantly better, BUT, I'm really concerned that with the stress and the excitement of the wedding, that I will end up with a migraine on the day of.  This usually consists of blurr eyes, extreme pain, stomache aches and something vomitting.  I have booked an appointment with my naturopath for a month before the wedding to discuss different options with her, but I'm wondering if any of you ladies have any suggestions on calming my nerves and help avoid a disaster!


Re: Migraine Headaches

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    I'm prone to headaches and migraines, too.  I just took some pain meds the morning of the wedding and had some in my purse in case I needed more later.

    For me the day went by so fast, I didn't even really have time to notice a headache.
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    I swear by putting ice on your temples.

    I have had migraines for 10 years and mdeicine never really helped. At first sign of headache I wrap up some ice cubes in a paper towel , lay on my side in bed, place ice on temple and close my eyes. Within twenty minutes, headache completly gone.

    It is truely the best thing I have ever done.

    I have the migraines where if you take a nap to ease the pain, you wake up worse. If it is too bright outside and I have not eaten enough I'll get one.

    The past week the ice has helped twice. Try it :)

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    I plan on having meds with me that day incase I feel one starting.  This is also a huge concern of mine. 
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    Thanks for the advice.

    I've tried Mazalt before, worked for a couple migraines, and then stopped working!

    The ice is a good one!  I don't want to walk down the isle with an ice pack on my head though!  HAHA.
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    I have been living with chronic migraines for about 2 years now. and I just now got on a drug that helps, its very hard to get on, but if you can talk to you dr do it, its call TOPAMAX. It for people who have seizures but it works for migrianes too. you will have to do lots of testing to get on it, but it really does work wonders. The side effects are something that you have to learn to deal with but trust me its very worth it.

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    Kpetty1010  - is TOPAMAX a daily medication or something you take at the onset of your migraine?  I'm also in Canada so it may not be available up here!
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    imitrex works for me as a last resort.

    Bright light is often a trgger for me, so I avoid it and loud noises.  Avoid sensory overload!  If you feel any headache at all coming on, take 400 mg ibuprofin immediately.  Eating a little something helps me as well (calms my tummy for some reason).  Then I lie down in a dark quiet room with a cold clothe over my eyes.  If I don't start feeling better in 30 minutes, I take another 200 mg ibuprofin. 
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    I have to admit that I'm planning on asking our DJ to not play music TOO loud at the ceremony, mostly because loud noise can be a trigger for me (also nice so people can easily talk). Don't get me wrong, it won't be super quiet, but probably not as loud as most weddings. Is that totally lame or what?! :) 
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    Topamax is a daily pill (i have been taking for almost three years now) Now i have switched to a generic topieramate. WORKS GREAT! Immetrex for me sucked! You took it after you got a migraine, and it made my body tingle, and it did not always work, and at $20/pill it was not worth taking it most of the time. Just like swallowing money. The side effects are well.... odd. But I have lost weight! Sooo some may see  that as good and some may see that as bad. I have lost 20lbs over the years, not all at once and it has calmed down. I dont drink soda anymore at all. To me it will taste flat. Tea, juice and water. Which is good, because those are better for you! Also taste changes are there, i used to hate pickles now i LOVE them, i dont really eat sweets anymore. and some things like that. A few bad things, you will see "tracers" now and then and memory is bad. You know how sometimes you just can't find the right word? well that happens a little bit more often that i would like. But i was getting migraines almost everyday!! So a few weirdo side effects is no bother to me!! 

    Now for on your wedding day, i have my worries too, because i do still get the random headache (mostly sinus related) but what has worked for me is taking the target brand excedrin migraine and then eating a snack to "activate" it. and coffee helps to (caffeine) and tell people to Be quiet!!! and a heat pack works for me, but that is because my neck will seize up when i get one. Sooo anyways now that i have told my life story.. haha. :)
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