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New Hampshire


Hi Tiger, If you dont mind me asking how are you keeping your budget at $5,000? Did you find a venue yet? I'm only asking because I have a low budget with a lot of guests and any ideas people have I love to hear. My problem is all the venues alone are over my overall budget (which stinks) Mine is about $10,000 for the entire event soup to nuts with around 200 people if we can get the list down that far. We'd have it at a family members house but they all live in the city in Massachusetts so unless we wanted to have a reception in a garage or 10x10 front yard we're out of luck lol. Good luck on the DJ. We're not that far yet. That may be a wedding gift from a bunch of our family memebers (keeping our fingers crossed)

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    ::Butting In::  I'm also a budget bride (well I got little carried away in the end, but started that way)Check out Fratello's and Alpine Grove - both are very budget friendly.  We fed 150 guests for under $7K and they have less expensive options.  Both will hold around 200 guests.Good luck!!
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    We're using a Bluewater Farms in Andover, NH.  It was once a girls camp in the 60's.  The main lodge sleeps over 40 people.  People can rent the surrounding camps.  We found a DJ for 375 to play for 5 hours.  We're making our own desert (pies).  We're going pretty simple, nontraditional and green.  Our number is much lower 80 people, so that helps.  My friend rented out a boat club on the water for $300 in MA.  I can ask her where if you're interested.  Her wedding was much bigger than mine.
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    TigerIf you wouldn't mind asking your friend about the boat house in MA I would love to know it.  We'd love a wedding by the ocean but all of the places we looked were way too high priced for us.  We would love to have the wedding in MA so only 50 or so would have to travel down from ME rather than 150 travel from MA to NH and then the 50 from ME.  I know we shouldn't worry about people traveling because if they want to be there they will but I cant help it.Thank you for your info.  I am going to look into your venue too!
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    Danto,Thank you for your suggestions.  I love your pics from the wedding.  FI really wanted to get married in Fenway he just didn't understand how much it is until i told him base price was $40,000 without anything included lol.  Short lived thought for him.  Ill have to look into the second place you said.  Thank you for "butting in"All butt ins are welcome here!
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