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Help us win FREE Wedding Photography!! :)

Hello fellow Brides!

I'm getting married on May 14, 2011 and in a bit of a bind. When I started planning my wedding all was going well, but then my Dad lost his job, which put us on a very tight budget. Since you are all planning your weddings, you'll know it's very time consuming and costly! We are trying our best to cut the budget everywhere, but sadly the place that's been cut the most is the photography.

I'm sure you all know that your wedding pictures are important, that it is those that you have forever to remember your wedding and reflect back on with your children. So, it is my hope, to win this contest and have those photos I can share with my children and grandchildren in the future!

We found this amazing contest where we can win our wedding photography from an amazing photographer Gwendolyn Tundermann ( We are super excited but need a lot more votes to have a shot at winning this and having amazing photos! 

Please help us! Please follow the instructions below and vote for "Rachel & Timothy"!


Voting Instructions 

Go to:

Scroll down past the image of all the contestant and you'll see the poll. Select "Rachel & Timothy" and then click vote.

You can do this once per computer, ipad, ipod, cell phone, etc. Anything with a broswer, you can vote on it once!

Thank you so, so much!!! Best wishes with all your weddings!!

Rachel & Timothy

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