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How to cope with negative in-laws

Hey everyone,

my fiance and I have been dating for a little over 2 years - known each other for much longer
we just got engaged in december and getting married may 2014 (wanted to be done school and have time to save for the wedding)

I was just wondering if any of you have in-laws that are not too supportive .... especially if things don't go their way (it seems).

When my fiance and I first started dating his mom would constantly tell him to come over by himself (thats fine) but then she would constantly harrass him asking him if he is "actually" happy with me . i always found this a little odd

After a while she kind of stopped doing that but then after we got engaged she became very opinionated with everything. I have a big family . My fiance and I have decided to get married in Toronto because it will be more convenient as his family is really small and spread over Alberta and BC and my family is huge and all in the greater Toronto area.

Anyway I'll get on with it...basically from me inviting my family members, to our budget, to where our wedding is - she has expressed that she is not happy about it. I've been told to "just" get married in Vegas ... I got told our budget is too much (15-20k) and in regards to being in toronto (which she was appalled about) and our guest list - we dont need to "invite every tom jo and harry" - which was insulting to me because im inviting all immediate family

It hasn't stopped over 3 months even after Brandyn has told his mom to drop it and I've kinda just told myself I need to brush it off but its so hard. I see people with great relationships with their inlaws and I get a little envious.

Basically I'm just wondering if anyone else kind of has negative experiences with their in-laws and how they cope with it.
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