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Can I just vent real quick?

Oh my gosh.
I got the best wedding photographer I could possibly find. I searched for several months, and ended up landing this awesome girl who was offering a spectacular deal.

Well, I go with my FI to his office every week. I'm allowed, I used to work there, I'm working there this summer...Plus, FI has a neck brace and I have to drive him there anyway. (In case you were wondering why on earth I'd go to his office...)

The receptionist there happens to be a wedding planner. I didn't know this before my friend offered, so I didn't need to hire her. Well, we were talking about the plans, and she asked if I had found a photographer. Of course, I had, so I said yes, and told her that I got an awesome deal on it. She really wanted the photographer's info for a couple of her cliens. I told her I'd have to ask the photographer if I could give out her info (because she doesn't typically photograph weddings. She is usually a portrait/model photographer). Well, after this wedding planner/receptionist bugged the crap out of me for a few weeks, I asked the photographer if it would be okay to pass on her information. She told me that I could, but to let her know that she was completely booked up to the max. until April of 2011.

So, tonight, the receptionist/wedding planner asks me for the photographer's contact info (AGAIN) and I said "oh, I talked to her, and she's booked until April of 2011."

This put the receptionist/wedding planner into panic mode. She got really ticked off, and started using her receptionist time (on the clock at the office) to call and e-mail photographers because she was panicking. Really? You're a wedding planner and you hadn't had anyone else as a back up? I have 3 backups, in case something comes up and my photographer couldn't book my date. I figured a wedding planner would 1) have a bunch of photographers contact info and 2) have a backup, since it was never set in stone that she'd get this photographer.

I even told her from the very beginning that the photographer usually turns down weddings, because she's trying to transition from event photography & photojournalism to models/portraits.

I just thought it was absolutely ridiculous for her to go into such a crazy, mean, panic mode and start searching craigslist to find another photographer. I mean, people were in the office for interviews. How does that look when the receptionist isn't doing her job, but is doing another job on company time? Ridiculous. Just had to vent. Okay. Thanks.

Re: Can I just vent real quick?

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    Well its her fault for being so unorganized, and she shouldn't put it out on you.  I'm a former wedding coordinator for my church, so I really only dealt with certain specifics.  From that experience, it has totally shocked me how unprepared and thoughtless some people could be when planning their wedding, and when everything blows up because of their thoughtlessness they feel the need to put their stress on someone else.  Congrats on finding a great deal with a great photographer!  Good luck and congrats girl!
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    Yeah, I don't know why she got all angry with me. She was ticked off and neg the rest of the night. It was silly. I was like "whatever, it's not my fault you are not on top of things..."
    What's really hilarious is the girl who's wedding she was freaking out about is a Beauty & the Beast theme (I feel like that's not nice to the groom...) and she's looking for a photographer who can "work with that". Really? What can the photographer do to add to the theme of Beauty & the Beast? Food, decor, attire-yes. Photographer? not so much.
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    omgosh! that's insane!
    I'm glad you found a great photographer, and I'm glad you didn't use this receptionist as your wedding planner... What a crazy person!
    *marc & catrina*
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    omg really craiglist for a wedding photographer?!? There are so many professional sources to find wedding professionals, I can't imagine a planner using craigslist.

    Don't get me wrong I love craigslist for other stuff but not a resource like this!

    Thank Goodness you had found someone else before her. Sheesh, that's craziness you avoided, well atleast for the most part. Sorry you went thru that!
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