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Buying from other knotties....

Although it isn't time for me to purchase these items yet, it got me rather curious. I just read on another knotties bio that knotties sell their items (runners, overlays, vases, candle holders, etc) to other knotties.

Have you guys heard of this? Also, how would I know who had what for sale? I think I remember one lady had a list of things for sale on her bio.

Re: Buying from other knotties....

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    Yes, it's very common for knotties to sell their items after the wedding or even before if they bought something that they no longer need. You can check out the trash to treasures board on the nest for knotties who have recently been married. 
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    It is very common for former brides to sell items from their wedding.  They will sell everything from candles and table runners to wedding dresses and veils.  It is a great way to make some extra cash after the wedding as well as clear some room in the house!

    A lot of girls will make bios and include a For Sale section.  Usually they list this information in their signature (or "siggy") so it will be included anytime they post something in a forum.

    You can also check the "Trash to Treasure" board on The Nest.  It is a board specifically for former brides to sell their old stuff.

    I have bought a few things from some former brides (votives, candy buffet jars, etc.) and have had great results.  I have heard from some people that they didn't get their full order, or things weren't exactly how they were described in the bio.  My best advice is to be clear in exactly what you are ordering and how many you will be receiving.  And try to pay using PayPal because it gives some buyer (and seller) protection.

    You can also try buying from your local knotties (try the local boards) and that way you don't have to pay shipping and you can usually check the items out before you buy.

    Good Luck and Happy Planning!
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    I've bought items off from a couple knotties. It went really well and I've been happy with everything I bought. Ditto Trash to Treasure board. Sometimes you have to dig to find what you need, but if you keep your eyes out, you can save some money. Also, your local Craigslist might have some useful things for you too. I've heard of some knotties selling stuff pretty quickly that way too. 
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