April 2012 Weddings


Hello, my name is Angie. I am new to this board! A little background with me is: I was recently planning a big wedding. Then with all the drama involved, and craziness involved, I canceled it! Now, I am back on track with a picture in mind of a much smaller, intimate wedding. My FI and I are planning April 28, 2012. Hope it works out this time! LOL.

My question is, should I send out "new" STD's? I sent magnets originally for my 1st date, and then cancellation letters. Now, I am becoming a Spring Bride, and not sure how I should announce it, or if I should at all.

My FI thinks people are going to think, "Round 2, they are trying it again..." I don't care what ppl think. S**t happens. I thought of a humorous approach, and was going to try to find "director cuts" STD.... to go with the laughs of "Take 2". But, I can't seem to find any that fit the image in my head!

What are your thoughts! Thanks so much, and Goodluck and Happy Planning!!!!!!
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