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Seafoam and...? Need color help!

hello, all!  i'm new to this...recently engaged, in the beginning stages of planning.  
here's my color issue:  the wedding will be in the fall, and seafoam green is my favorite color AND the color of my vintage typewriter, which i know i want to incorprate into the wedding decor.  i feel like seafoam is more of a spring color, being a pastel, so i thought i would combine it with something like rust or burnt sienna, and cream.  i'm just not seeing this color combo anywhere!  is it terribly ugly??  haha.  i thought it would tie in my whole vintage theme, and i'm a pretty original person, but i'm worried that i've not seen it done before!
thank you :)

Re: Seafoam and...? Need color help!

  • thanks for all the input!  definitely have some good ideas to work with now, though i am considering ditching a true color scheme and just going with an antique-y look: my beloved seafoam, dusty rose, mauves, greys, browns, and such.  really just any muted color. 
    (...i'll probably change my mind again tomorrow!)
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