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Joining the community...

So i'm still somewhat a newbie... (from Jamaica- so i cant make use of half the things is see on the site :( )....looking for teh 'family support ad all from other brides and wives...

 Getting married March 26 2011 but i have to complete my planning by end of dec (got othere events in jan and feb).


so outside of wedding plans...any advice for marriage? and where to go for the honeymoon?

all the ettiquete do's and don'ts... I'm doing this thing by the book...

Thanks guys...

Re: Joining the community...

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    Well, H and I went to Jamacia for the HM and we loved it. We had the time of our lives. We had also considered Bermuda, Barbados and a few others. Neither one of us had been out of the country, so we definitely splurged a bit on the HM.

    That is awesome you have a great Mom. H and I did all of the planning ourselves, my Mom was pretty much non exsistent, didn't care about anything to do with the wedding. She pretty much just showed up dresses all pretty.

    As far as advice for marriage goes, are you getting married in a church? Will you be doing any pre-marital counseling? This question is something that I think you will figure out best from other married couples around you as well as your parents if they have a great marriage and still together. H and I knew we were meant to be together and discussed many of the issues that affect marriages today such as money, kids, what our dreams/goals for the future are, etc. And we got married in the Catholic church, so our pre-marital counseling with the priest helped us as well. We also had to do weekend retreat for engaged couples that helped us as well.

    Best wishes! Congrats!
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    Congrats!  Where are you getting married?

    I have to ditto MissySue on premarital counseling.  We also took counseling with our priest and it was a great experience.  If that's not the route for you, consider reading the book The Five Love Languages together.  It's a great way to learn about each other's communication skills in order to start your marriage on a firm foundation. 

    Also, just be realistic.  No matter how much you two love each other, marriage takes a lot of work. Don't take what you have for granted. 

    As far as the honeymoon, maybe since you grew up in Jamaica, do the opposite of the tropical thing for your honeymoon.  Look into Colorado, Las Vegas/Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, a lodge/getaway in Canada, etc.  Something adventurous but still romantic. 

    The etiquette board is a great resource for all etiquette questions.  They are all very knowledgeable about looking out for your guests' comfort. 

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