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My fiance' and I are coming up on our first anniversary and I was hoping to get some special ideas on what to do. We are a long distance couple because he is currently at West Point, so we don't get a lot of time together often. We got about 7 weeks solid this summer and will also get about 2.5 weeks during which our anniversary falls. I was thinking of getting him something he could take back to West Point to remember me with. I'm also on the fence about what we should DO. Dinner, camping, movies, etc. I want to try something new but sentimental.

What did you guys do for your first anniversaries?

Re: Anniversary Ideas

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    I think for our first anniversary we went out to eat at a nice Italian restaurant in our hometown and went back to my apt and watched a movie and/or crashed. I can remember it being a really crazy week at work and waking up on the couch with him in the wee hours of the morning.

    I think it all depends on your interests. I think doing something together (and take pictures) would be really fun and special. And then you can take one of the pics and put it in a nice frame and ship it to him. That would be really sweet.
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    That is a really great idea. We love taking photos to remember each other but have been slacking off lately.
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    him being away and all photos are a great idea but to spice it up a little do a boudoir photoshoot and send it to him (if you are comfortable with that kind of thing). I am going to do that for my FI and give it to him as a gift on our wedding day. Im not sure its so much as an anniversary thing but it would be a great gift for him to look at when he is gone lol

    As for something you guys can do together me and my FI went on a hike during the day and then went to the place where we had our first date for dinner (sushi) and after we went to my favorite ice-cream shop and a took a night stroll at the harbor..

    It was so simple but so sweet!
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    For our first anniversary, FI tried to recreate our first date. Unfortunately, he ended up recreating our second date without realizing it! :p We simply went to a movie and then Starbucks afterward. (Our first date we had gone to the movies and Carl's Jr. afterward, but whatever.)
    If you want to get your FI a nice little keepsake to take with him, I would recommend getting him a pocketwatch with a personal engraving on it. :) I got my FI one for his 30th birthday, and he loves it. :)
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    Congratulations! I can't wait for my first anniversary!  I'm hoping to have a local cupcakery make cupcakes in our wedding cake flavors.  We will probably go out to dinner and come home to watch our wedding video. 

    I have heard that the first anniversary is themed paper, but I'm not sure how you gift someone paper.  Maybe their favorite book?
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