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Key questions to ask a future employer?

So I've got another interview on Monday with a local company. I'm freaking out just a wee bit because I've never been through an interview process like the one I'm about to go through. It's not a panel interview, however I have to talk with 8 different people, for 30 mins each. The entire interview process is said to last about 3-4 hours.

Aside from last weeks crazy interview (Oy!), I haven't interviewed for a 'big job'. I've only ever been to small interviews for retail stores, bakeries, etc. Nothing for a corporate setting.

My recruiter advised to read over their website (which I'm doing) and come up with questions to ask those that I'm talking with, which will include some of the hiring committee as well as both founders and 3 other executives.

I've got a few questions written down and I'm trying to think of other ones to ask, but figured I'd pick the minds of all you lovely and intelligent ladies. ;o)

Any suggestions?
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