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Is this silly?

So I am getting my hair and make up trial done tomorrow afternoon and I told FI that I didn't really want him to see it.  I am big on surprises and I want him to see my dress, hair, make up, ect. all for the first time when I walk down the aisle to him.  My friend thought it was slightly odd, but then again she said it was just me being a girl!  FI made plans to be with a friend and I am going to run a few errands after then wash it off when I get home.

Re: Is this silly?

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    My husband saw me after my hair/make-up trial.  Honestly, he doesn't really know a lot about hair or make-up and he didn't really remember details....and since I was in jeans and a t-shirt, the look didn't exactly have the same wedding-day effect.

    He was still surprised by how I looked on wedding day, because it was the whole package -- dress, jewelry, jeweled comb -- even though he'd already seen the hair and make-up.
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    I definitely see your point.  I just really want it to be fresh and exciting for him on our special day. 
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    Our wedding was OOT so my hair and makeup trial took place 3 hours away from H. He did not see me after. I don't know if I would have cared if he had or not. Regardless, if you would like your whole look to be a surprise from him, that's your decision. I wouldn't let what others think bother you.

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    Good point!  :)
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    [QUOTE]H saw my makeup trial and I am really glad he did. While I liked it, he made a comment that it didn't look like me and he wanted to marry "me" on our wedding day if that makes sense.  I called my MUA and told her this and she used more earth tones on our wedding day, which is what I normally wear.  I actually liked it more than my trial, too!
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    This.  I never wear lipstick, let alone a bold lip, but I was going for a more vintage look.  While I liked it, H said that he preferred me to tone down the lip, so it looked more like me.  I'm glad he saw me after my trial. 
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    I personally, would rather suprise my FI on the wedding day with the hair/make-up and dress. My FI feels the same day. It's the whole look that is special.
    You're deffinately not silly for wanting to suprise him. Smile
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    H saw my hair and makeup prior to the wedding, but I made a few changes so when the actual wedding day came around both my hair and makeup looked different then it did the first time around.

    Also, my H tends to forget things that he thinks are non-important, such as a hair and makeup trial.  So I am positive on the day of our wedding he had no memory of what my trial looked like.

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    I dont think thats silly at all. I was thinking of doing the same thing.
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    After my bridals I went straight to meet FI (now H) to look at a house we'd seen online, and in the car on the way there I was ripping bobby pins out of my hair and trying to pull it into a weird ponytail and when he saw me and I told him what I was doing he looked at me like I was crazy for trying to hide it. HAHA so yeah he saw my makeup but not my hair.
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    FI saw me after my makeup trial and didn't even seem to notice until I asked him what he thought and he liked it.

    He was out of town when I had my hair trial, but I don't think I would have cared either way if he saw it.
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    I dif mine out of town so it was a non issue, but I would have felt the same as you. I wear makeup all the time, but it looks way different when done professionally. I didn't deviate far from what I would normally put on to go out so nothing that would have looked too out there too him the day of.
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    I'm having my makeup trial on the day we do engagement photos so FI will see it. But, my wedding is a ways off so what my trial looks like compared to what I do on wedding day may change or if it stays the same he won't remember lol
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    I used my hair trial as a way to go out to a nice dinner with my then FI.  :)  I didn't have a make up trial as my mom did mine.  She's a retired make up artist.  
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    DH and my entire family saw my hair and make up trial. I set it up for the weekend of my birthday so I would look good at my birthday dinner.
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    My FI doesn't want to see or hear anything to do with the way I'm going to look that day. To each their own.
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