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Wedding Website Recommendation

Hey All,

I am having a destination weekend wedding in May 2013 and because of that, I am going to have to create a website that contains a lot of information for the out-of-towners (99% of the attendees).

Can any of you please recommend/suggest a site that provides support or is condusive to this kind of build?


Re: Wedding Website Recommendation

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    I used a google website

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    I also don't recommend TK.  too glitchy.  I've heard Wedding Wire is good.

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    I am using Wedding Wire and I have been very happy with it so far. No glitches and fairly user friendly.

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    I'm also using Wedding Wire.  It's been great and really easy to use.
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    I just started my website too.  We are not a destination wedding but doing a weekend retreat style wedding so also need to include a lot of information. 

    I'm using Wedding Window.  It has a ton of pages you can turn on or off and add custom pages.  You can add a lot of info's not a free site though. 
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