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I am back :)

I have been back for about a week now and married for almost 3! Our wedding and honeymoon were amazing! We lucked out with the weather as it was the Friday before the "hurricane" came through and was 73 and sunny. My worries about flowers were non-sense as they came out BEAUTIFUL. My friends all looked great in their dresses and my mom looked fabulous. The ceremony was beautiful and very personal. The reception was hoping all night. We danced all night and had so much fun. I LOVED my cake and the centerpieces MIL and her friend put together. Everything came together perfectly and everyone had a great time. We were told a few times how everyone loved the "little details" so I need to give a quick thank you, thank you, thank you to all you knotties and some wonderful ideas I picked up here. Aruba was BEAUTIFUL. Our pool was under construction, but we didn't care 'cause we are beach people and spent the first few days under a little hut drinking frozen beverages :) We went scuba diving through the resort...something I would definitely recommend despite my original reservations and had a fantastic time. I can't wait to go on another vaca with my hubbie. I am still working on getting the apartment organized and back to reality, but I am working on a for sale site and my vendor reviews. Below are a couple links to some of our pictures (there were about 5 times this amount to start picking from!) Sorry this is so long.. thanks for reading!

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