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Carpet / Rug Cleaners

We need a carpet cleaner and we've been looking at a couple, but I wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations.

We've got two dogs and two cats. The dogs rarely have accidents, but with pets, come accidents. We've been using a spray to clean them up when they happen and it's worked fine. However our whole upstairs is carpet and I'd really like to get them cleaned soon.

We've rented a cleaner before from one of the stores here, but it was expensive and honestly, a waste of money.

So any recommendations? We'd like to stay under $200 if possible and ideally under $150.
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Re: Carpet / Rug Cleaners

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    I've had a Bissel for years, and it's amazing.   I used to have two cats -- one was really old and started having accidents before she died.  It was amazing at cleaning up pet stains!  Plus, I'm also kind of anal about having clean carpets, especially since I've lived in some rental houses, and you just never know what's been spilled on carpets.

    The biggest thing with pet stains though is that you have to clean them up before it soaks into the padding, or else it's REALLY hard to get the urine smell out.  There are some  enzyme products that help a lot though, especially when used in combination with the steam cleaner.
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    I've heard that the professionals are great, but our carpets aren't that bad. Plus, if Im spending that much money, I'd rather buy something I can use over and over myself.

    Thanks for the suggestion though!
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