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does anyone else feel this way?

Does anyone else feel like bawling when they look over their vows or even think about what is going to happen on the wedding day?
I recently went to a wedding and my fiance grabbed my hand and squeezed it tight when the couple was saying their vows and he smiled and looked at me and I nearly lost it right there. I hear a song that reminds me of us and i want to cry, I look over all the readings for the mass and start to get teary eyed. ( we are catholic) I especially get choked up when I read over the different vows we can say. I dont even think I can say my own out loud. I might have to have the priest say it for me and then say "i do". Does anyone else feel this way?
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Re: does anyone else feel this way?

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    We also had a Catholic wedding. And besides what I read online and the knowledge I had of over Catholic weddings, we didn't really know what we were supposed to say until the night of the rehearsal.

    You will be fine. Just take lots of deep breaths b/c the ceremony and the day will fly by.
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    I think its understandable to feel that way! I'm the sappiest person ever in that respect though. 
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    I know exactly how you feel. My FI really wanted us to write our own vows and I'm such a cry baby. I can pretty much cry with every emotion and every time I attempt to write my vows or think about them I get teary eyed.

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    I'm so scared of my makeup smearing everywhere hahah
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    I haven't gotten so far as to look at specific vows yet, but I know I will feel the same way. My FI is going to cry(even though his BM says he has a bet that he won't...must not know him very well), so even if I somehow manage to not cry on the way up the aisle, he'll make me cry. Even one of my MOH says she's going to cry and she's not very emotional! It is perfectly acceptable. :) It's one of the happiest days of your life, happy tears!
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    I cried when FI proposed, does that count?

    I probably will at the wedding too, I think I will skip mascara for the ceremony cause last night I cried enough to kill anything waterproof lol.
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    Its totally understandable. I'm really not a crier, but when I think about walking down the aisle and saying our vows, I get a little misty. When we had our first dance class to learn how to foxtrot with our first dance, I almost cried. Its a very big step in life and most of us have these moments!!
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    Lately, I even cry watching wedding shows, even when I don't like the girls on them, because in my head I start thinking about what FI and I will be doing and then I just lose it lol.
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    Meh. I'm a cold-hearted bitch. I don't really get emotional...but then again, with that being said, I might just bawl as soon as I hear the music start playing. It won't hit me until right before I go down the aisle.


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    I definitely agree! I get choked up at wedding shows too! We're definitely going the 'i do' route way I'd make it through otherwise.
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