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Im not sure if its just pre wedding jitters or not but im really starting too think im not ready for this. Between my  mom and his mom im not sure what to do itsnt in true thats its the brides day ?????

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    More info?
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    No, it's not the bride's day, if by that you mean everything revolves around the bride. At your wedding ceremony and reception everyone will be celebrating the marriage of the bride AND groom, although that's not to say you can ignore everyone else's feelings.
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    Yeah, more information would make our responses more helpful.
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    No its not the "bride's day."    It is a day for the bride and groom celebrating thier love and joining families. 

    But continue because we can't help until we know what's going on.
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    Well, unless you plan on spending the day locked in your bedroom completely and utterly isolated, it's not the bride's day.  It's a day that involves a lot of people, while it should be reflective of who the bride AND groom are, those other people need to be taken into consideration as well.
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    Your wedding is a year away. Are you stressing about the wedding, or the marriage?  Because frankly, one is a party.  The other is the rest of your life.  One is important, one is....well, a party.  An important party, but a party nonetheless.

    If it's the party, then you really need to step back.  If you don't you're going to have a complete and total meltdown if you stress for the next year.  A party shouldn't cause this much angst.  If it is, you're making it too complicated.

    And no, a wedding is most certainly NOT the bride's day.  There's a groom, there are family members to whom this is very important, there are guests who need to be properly hosted.

    Lose the "It's MYYYYYYYYY day thing", because it's just not.
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