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Ra-Ra-Ra-Rant (Loooong)

Bleh.  Maybe not so much of a rant, but whatever.  Don't feel like you have to comment.  I need to just vent for a second.

The university sent out an email today saying we needed to decide by next week if we want to stay in our current room next year.  Otherwise we'll be put on a list (rank determined by credit hours earned) to pick our new room.

I love my dorm and my room and I think my roommate is a very nice girl and a great friend.  However, she is quite the mooch.  Examples:

1)  I ordered pizza about 2 weeks ago.  When she saw I was ordering, she asked me to add some stuff on the order.  The total came out to $33.  I told her the cost and she said that was okay.  She still hasn't paid me for her stuff.  Even after I awkwardly brought up that I needed her portion of the cost, she blew me off.

2)  I have this huge pink backrest pillow.  She asked to use it one night because her back was hurting and she wanted to work in bed that night instead of at her desk.  I said okay.  She returned it that night.  The next day, after I made my bed, she took it off and started using it without asking.  Eventually it got to the point where she just kept it on her bed 24/7.  I finally had to hide it so she would stop using it because it was getting stained with food and drink and crap.

3) (Not mooch related) It's about 5 degrees outside right now.  Our heater is building wide and we have no control over it.  I will admit that if you're in a sweater it's pretty warm in here, but she's in a t-shirt and shorts and complaining how she's burning up and she'll never be able to sleep like this unless both windows are fully open and both fans are on full blast.  I'm sorry, but we tried sleeping with one window open last night and woke up to ice on our window sill.  Not even kidding.  I know she's hot and it sucks, but it's too cold to have the windows open.  I can live with the fans on but not the windows open.  Note:  I looked over and she's napping right now.

I keep telling her that I don't mind if she uses my stuff every once in a while, but she needs to ask.  She told me that in her country, everyone shares everything and I should just get used to it.  WTF?

Anyways, I really want to stay in this room next year, but I really don't want to room with her again.  She's a great friend that has been supportive and such, but I'm not made of money.  And for whatever reason I can't get that through her head.

So it looks like I'm going to have an awkward conversation with her to find out what her plans are for next year.  I figured it'd go a little like this....

Me: So did you get that email from housing?
Her: No?  (She never checks her email)
Me: They said we have to decide by next week if we want to stay in our current room next year, otherwise it's free game.
Her: Oh yeah?  Hmmm...
Me:  Yeah.  Have you thought about what you're doing next year?
Her: *random response*
Me:  *who knows*

If she says she's staying, I'm not really sure what I'll say.  I don't want to offend her by saying "I think you're a great friend, but I'm tired of you mooching off me.  So I'm moving."

This may not even matter much.  I'm planning on working two jobs next year on top of my classes, and Fi will finally be living in the same city with me so I'll see him more than twice a month.  So in reality, who knows how much time I'll see her/spend in our room.  But you never know what'll happen.

End rant.
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