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April 2014 Weddings


I am getting married the 27th of February.  I have met with all of my vendors, paid deposits ect. Everything with them is great! My worry is that something is going to go wrong. I was reading a post last week or the week before about horrible weddings. After reading all the stories of how unorganized the wedding was, I started thinking that mine could end up like this.

So for the reason I posted this thread. Is anyone making a time line? And who are you giving it to? I was thinking of putting EVERYTHING on mine from eating, toast, cake cutting, ect. Just because I dont want anything to go wrong.

PS i really hope this posts makes sense and I don't sound like a nut :)

Re: Timeline??

  • I hired a DOC to help with this. I did a pretty specific time line. My DOC, DJ, and photographer will all have one. The DJ is pretty much in charge of letting guests know when it is time for what. My venue gave me a guide for how things usually go with the ceremony, set up, and food. I built it from there.
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  • Our DJ created a timeline for us to distribute to our vendors & wedding party.  Our venue also has their own timeline that we created together.

    Mrs. Morris- Where are you getting married?  I live in SE Mass.
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  • Don't worry these people are professionals, and they will get the job done right. Most things that go wrong the Bride and Groom don't even notice, so don't worry about it!

    And yes, blah next weekend, I'm just excited and ready to get here. It's hard to work and it's hard to get to sleep because my mind is going a mile a minute, but everything is done, so it's just sort of calm and peaceful.

    How are all of you girls holding up?
  • Jen im getting married in central Baptist church in Jamestown, then our reception is at spain restaurant in narragansett. i dont know if you would be familiar with any of those.

    Buttons im drinking weight gainer to make sure my dress fits lol. i dont know if you can tell by my picture but im really little and davids bridal told me i had to have my dress done asap (in December) so i have it at home already, all ican think about is that it will fall down hahaha

  • Awww, can you get a seamstress to really quickly take it in just a little?
  • Haha oh gosh. I would probably kick someone if they said that to me... ah DB. how I grrr you.

    Good luck with the fittings! I'm sure you will look just STUNNING in it, 3 lbs or not!
  • Mrs. Morris- I've been to the Spain before.  It's delicious!  Yummmm!  Not sure about the church though.  I'm sure I've driven by it at some point. 
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  • im glad that food tastes good haha. I haven't tried it (oops). where in mass are you? im on the johnston/ providence line. the emrals square mall is really 15 minutes away from me.
  • I feel so much better that I have a very specific timeline because you know how much men listen to anything...  Onteh day of he will be asking me when this and when that.  I think the Bed Bath and beyond website has a timeline templet.  Good luck.  Remember to have all phone numbers handy even if they are in your phone.  You may need someone else to make calls.
  • Mrs. Morris- You're not too far from me!  I live in Taunton.  I haven't tasted the food at my venue either (we're getting married in FL).  The Spain will be delicious!  What are you serving?

    Karen- Do you have to be registered at BBB to get access to the timeline?
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