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April 2014 Weddings


How did the wedding on Sunday go?

MD got hit really hard, we were lucky enough to only get 2 feet...

Re: *Mirface*

  • Oh it was fantastic!  The snow was up to my hips, it would have been impossible to get out that Saturday.  Pretty much the entire day did not go as expected.  Spent the night with my husband and headed to the church with him, which was not the plan.  The caterer and DJ cancelled.  The hairdresser couldn't get into their shop, so that was cancelled.  For a while it looked like his parents couldn't come because they were stuck in their driveway.
    But through it all, we both kept on a happy face!
    An absolutely fantastic woman, the mother of the best man, went to the hall with piles of pasta that she made that morning and put them in the chafing dishes we had ready for the other food. 
    The walking down the aisle was no less special even though I had just seen my then fiance two hours before. 
    I just wore my hair down and let it be. 
    Only about a third of the guests were able to make it.  It was great though, incredibly intimate with candles lighting the room. 
    There was no music, but after eating and conversing, we stopped at the dance floor and hummed our song.  We danced to our humming.  It didn't take long for a few more couples to join us on the floor.  The pastor took out his ipod and played music, weaving around the crowd so every once in a while you could hear snippits of oldies music playing.
    I personally went from not really wanting to remember the day, to never wanting to forget it.
    Pictures are just pictures from friends, none are organized pictures.  But I cherish each and every one of them.

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  • That is the most wonderful wedding story I have ever heard... and your grandkids are going to swoon at the story. I'm so happy your day was so special, unique, and memorable.
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