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April 2014 Weddings

is anyone else getting this?

I was talking to my dad earlier today and he told me ' you can tell in your voice that your just don't really care about flowers or anything anymore. you just want it done'.. a few hours later I was talking to a close friend and said asked me if i was okay.

I have 10 days till my wedding and I am very excited, i guess im just stressed out. I still haven't ordered my flowers, and told me MOH to pick whatever she liked because flowers dont mean that much to me.

I guess my question is, is anyone else really close to their wedding and just stressed out and not caring about little details anymore? Or is it just me and im a wierdo lol

Re: is anyone else getting this?

  • I am there.  When it came to the escort cards I just gave up and let my soon to be MIL do them with a roller ball pen.  I am two days away.  Today I have to meet with the organist, pick up my dress, wait for my jewelery to be delivered, pick up tuxes, do programs, buy BP gifts, clean my house for the grooms men to get ready, and pack my overnight bag. 

    I am just so overwhelmed.  And to top it all off my FMIL who has been helping me a ton has loaned out her car to the best man so he can go meet a girl from match.com.  I dont want to be a bridezilla but really he cant do this some other time.

    I just keep telling myself intwo days it will be over.  We will be married and I will have very little stress in my life.

  • I am kinda feeling that way too. I started become anxious yesterday with all the little things we have left to do though.
  • are you getting married on the 27th? I hear you on the rain, we are supposed to get a huge snow store on my wedding day. WONDERFUL
  • We're getting married Friday the 26th.I wanted to do Saturday, but switching to Friday saved us $500! We were supposed to have rain but now it's just supposed to be cloudy. I hope it doesn't rain. I need it not to rain! I hope it doesn't snow for you either. Hopefully everything will go smoothly for all of us. If not, I guess it's what we get for planning our weddings in the winter! So did your MOH end up picking out the flowers?
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