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Brothers attire ideas..HELP

Hey all,
My fiancee and I are having a very small wedding party, each of us with a MOH, and my two brothers walking with each of them down the aisle.  We're having a (samesex) outdoor wedding in august and were totally stuck on what to dress my brothers in.  The MOH's have matching sage green dresses (wedding colors are yellow and sage green) and its going to be pretty warm (probably 80's and humid). Initially I was thinking of having them wear these grey linen pants I found on H&M men, and a short sleeve button up white shirt with their bout being yellow flowers with green accents (forget exactly what the flowers are called).  Then I realized I probably don't want the boys in white, as both my fiancee and I are in white.  Now their whole outfit is off because i think grey linen pants and clover green shirts may look odd, as well as grey linen and light yellow shirts....HELPPPP! (This is the last detail I am firming up, thankfully)
Any help is very appreciated, TIA :-)
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Re: Brothers attire ideas..HELP

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    I think the gray and green would look good together.
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    [QUOTE]I think the gray and green would look good together.
    Posted by KJeffs[/QUOTE]

    I think so, too.  However, if the men (boys? not sure what age ...) are not wearing jackets, I think they should skip boutonnieres.
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    Personally, I don't think that white shirts will be a problem.  The rule is that people other than the bride(s) aren't supposed to wear ALL white.  A white shirt is very common and not a problem at all.  However, if it bothers you, I think the pale yellow will look great with the grey slacks.  Grey and yellow is a very popular color scheme.   :)  I wouldn't put them in green though, since the girls are already in green that would be a bit too much IMHO.  Good luck!
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    I'd keep the white shirts personally. The "no white" rule is more for women than men to begin with, and more that other women shouldn't wear all white, not "no white anywhere but on the bride(s)." Besides, men are almost always in white shirts for weddings.

    If, however, the thought bothers you, then weigh the pros and cons. If you go with the sage, will that be too much green since your MOHs are both in sage?. But if you go yellow, then how well will the yellow flowers in the bout stand out against, or blend in with, the shirts?
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