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Dress with pockets- what do YOU think?

Yes- you've probebly seen or heard of the gown/s with pockets (most of us are familiar with the Say Yes to the Dress episode)

I personally think it's a fabulous idea--- What do you think???

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Re: Dress with pockets- what do YOU think?

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    I don't see the big deal. But I definitely think they're cool. I've seen a couple of cute ones on Say Yes to the Dress. But I wouldn't spend extra dollars just to have pockets I won't use.
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    I would be the bride who shoves everything (tissues, rings, mints) in her pockets so it isn't for me, but it is a cute look!
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    I will be getting married in a dress with pockets...but it is not so much the "pocket" as the silouette of this style of dress.  I love the updated look of the empire waist with the pockets!

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    I think it is ridiculous!

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    For a dress to have pockets, requires the dress to have a certain silhuette. I personally love the idea, but I dont think that my dress will be a bell shape or ballgown ....So I will most likely not have a pocketed gown.
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    MY dress has pockets!  I liked the dress and then found out it has pockets.... they are seam pockets so you dont notice them and it adds nothing to your hips.

    My bridesmaids have pockets also.  It should make for some cute photo ops :)
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    My dress has pockets as well. I am a sucker for a dress that has pockets b/c I think it's just an unexpected element! I didn't know the dress had pockets before I tried it on...but I would be lying if I said the pockets didn't influence my opinion of the dress! ;-)
    All the girls in my bridal party (bridesmaids and flower girl) have pockets in their dresses too. Again...I wasn't looking for dresses with pockets...but when we found them it helped sell the dress to me. :) I'm looking forward to the photo ops the pocketed dress will bring...just like EMF! :)
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    If I have pockets, I put my hands in them.  No pocket dress for me!
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    I love the idea, but I'm always fidgeting with my hands and shoving them in my pockets on any given day that I feel that if I had a dress with pockets I would just have my hands shoved in there the whole time.

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    My reception dress has pockets! I'm very excited about it - my mother didn't love the idea (afraid I would have my hands in my pockets the whole time). But I will be too busy with everything else and dancing and such to have my hands in them. I plan on keeping a small pack of gum and my hankie in there. Smile

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    I would just put a pretty handkerchief in the pocket for when I inevitably cry at the wedding. That's it. Generally, I think they are mostly nonfunctional but a nice extra on the right silhouette.
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    Pockets are made for Jeans not for wedding dresses. My cousin had pockets. OH SO TACKY!
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    I am either having my grandmothers dress altered or buying this one I found that I love.  If I do my Grandmothers I'm having pockets added  if I buy the dress it already has pockets.  As long as you have a full skirt, no one but you will know you have pockets and just in case I need it (figured I might carry a hanky or small lip gloss sin it) I figured I would rather have it :)
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Dress with pockets- what do YOU think?</a>:
    [QUOTE]I think it is ridiculous! Hello, please add more on to my hips, thank you
    Posted by CA2MT4EveR[/QUOTE]

    Ditto this.. I don't want any extra "bulkiness" in that area..
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