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Buying a dress online

Hi All,

I'm new here, I'm already in love with this site. I'm thinking of buying a dress online, does anybody know of any reputable website I could go to? I'm a DIY bride so my budget is very, very tight.

Re: Buying a dress online

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    I bought my dress from for less than $200. They will let you return dresses too, in case it doesn't fit, for a fee. I found their online customer service chat to be very helpful!
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    It's hard to beat DB's $99 sale, so check that out for sure.

    I also love a lot of the white gowns on the Macy's dress finder right now, and at J. Crew.
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    Thank you I'll check them out rightaway! I've that there's the option to return the dress because Lord knows I have a hard time making mind my up about anything. Laughing
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    I've had good experiences getting sample dresses from ebay.  Got 2 different $800+ dresses for cheap (loved one, decided satin was too heavy for outdoor in May -it had been $68 including shipping, hit the shops, found a discontinued floor gown in wrong color but ebay had a shop selling their floor sample in the right color/size -was $130 including shipping).  First one was absolute perfect condition, second one way far better condition than the one I had seen in person on sale for 4x as much at a local shop.  Granted, this route only works with popular designers (both my dresses were Angelo) and if you are comfortable not having a 'brand new' shipped in dress.
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    I wanted to ask the same question! A couple girls on the DC board recommended some sites. One of them was and I'm drawing a blank on the other.

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    Just be SOO careful with some websites.  Where they say they will "recreate" designer dresses, for 1/2 price, and you end up with a POS.  But I would recommend the JCREW, Lord and Taylor....type route.   
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    I am completely in the same boat as you are. I have had to plan everything from day 1 with money in mind because we are definately on a tight budget. I ordered my dress from David's Bridal online. I liked that option because you can also take it in the store for free steam and press, plus they are more than happy to make alterations if they are needed because it is their dress. They are having a great sale right now and have a wonderful selection. I ended up getting my dress for less than $200 (it was over $100 off the original price) and free shipping! Good luck and happy shopping!!!
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