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Online stores that DO accept returns???

I am thinking of ordering a bridesmaid dress from a discount online store just so I can see what the color looks like in person since I have searched ALL local stores and no one has it. But if I dont like it, I want to be able to return it. Does anyone know of any online stores that DO accept returns??

Re: Online stores that DO accept returns???

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    Why not just try to get your hands on a color swatch? What dress designer are you looking at?
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    b/c the color swatch is so tiny, its hard to tell what it would look like in the form of the actual dress. Its from the Dessy group, After Six chiffon in color Tutti Frutti.

    I saw the color swatch of "Merlot" and did not like it. However, when I saw the dress in store in that color, I liked it. So now I am afraid to order all my BM dresses just from a tiny swatch.
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    Ok. Well, I don't see any way that you're going to be able to return a dress from any retailer (except maybe DB or AA) because they cut dresses to order. If you return a dress, they're unlikely to be able to resell it. So they don't allow returns.

    I can tell you that Dessy uses the Pantone color system, so you can check out paint chips in the corresponding color. But that doesn't seem to help you with your issue of liking the dress vs. not liking the swatch. If you haven't already, call around to some local shops and see if they have a dress in Tutti Frutti in stock.
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