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XP: Parents' Weddings

When my mom was visiting for Christmas, she brought some old pictures, one of which was from her and my dad's wedding.
Her dress was basically a long-sleeved, turtleneck number. Bridesmaid dresses look like long-sleeved, floral muumuus. My dad wore a white tux with a ruffled white shirt, his groomsmen wore tan tuxes, also with ruffled shirts. Giant afros abound, with the exception of my dad and grandpa, who were balding.
It is the best picture I have ever seen.
Anyone else's parents have awesome wedding attire?
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Re: XP: Parents' Weddings

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    No way. My mom wore a beautiful lacy, off-the-shoulders gown... But everyone else in the family, and H's family, have pictures that look like that. My mom must have been depicting her sexual prowess as well ;) tehehe
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    hahaha CMG you should post some!! or all.. whatever :p 

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    My mom's dress was long sleeves, and in pictures it looks shiny, like a silky material.  I'm not sure what it actually was.

    I think she looked gorgeous!  I love that picture of them.  My dad wasn't gray yet, and my mom was just as beautiful as she is now.  I will see if I have the picture. She didn't even buy her dress at a bridal store, it was from the mall.
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    My mom didn't buy hers at a bridal store, either, just a little boutique-type place. It was about ankle-length with long sheer sleeves and her hair was done in a flip. My dad was wearing a white tux with black edging and a PINK tuxedo shirt. Yup, they were married in 1971. I love their wedding pictures; my dad had no facial hair and was really slim- and my grandparents looked pretty much the same, lol.
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    My moms dress was a high neck and poufy sleeves and she wore a lacey wide brim hat!  She still has it 32 years later.
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    <div>haha Lucy, Meg made a comment in the "where is the red" thread regarding that... I found it humorous. :P </div>
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    Here is my Aunt's bridal party, from mid 80's. My mom is the mais of honor (in pink) and my dad is the middle groomsmen. Puffy pastel bridesmaid dressed! Tuxes is white and powder blue! So much great 80's style!
    Here is my  mom's. She work HER mother's lace dress from the early 50's.

    And here are HER parents in 1952!

    What a fun idea, thanks for starting this thread!
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    My mom bought her dress at SEARS, since they were engaged for a whole two weeks!! My dad had a grey suit that was just on the verge of going out of style in 1980 when they got married. When I go home next I will try to find their pictures - can't wait to go home now!
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