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White or ivory

Hiya just wanted some advice I get married next April and my colour theme is White and pink, went wedding dress shopping last week and found the one but its in ivory will this look silly as my colour theme is White n pink??? Thanks in advance x

Re: White or ivory

  • It won't matter.  There's really not a big difference between ivory and white anyway.
  • I think it depends on the shade of ivory.  Some ivories are more yellow, but others are barely discernable from white.  Have you bought any decor yet?  Know what kind of flowers you want in your bouquet?  You could always take something up to the boutique and compare it to your dress to see.
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  • It is like an off White it's not yellowish, my flowers r gonna be pink and ivory and bridesmaids r in pink and ivory it's just stationary and decor that's White and pink xx
  • I'd honestly think it's not a big deal.  My dress is ivory, but white and ivory are similar.  I highly doubt anyone will hold up an invitation or a decoration next to your dress to see if they're the same.
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  • Nobody is going to pick up your decorations and compare them to the color of your dress.

    Not to mention there isn't a very big difference between white and ivory.
  • My colors are blue and ivory, and my dress is ivory. However, if I had chosen blue and white I still would have chosen an ivory dress. I'm sooooo pale that a white dress wouldn't look very good with my skin tone - it's very slight, but made a difference against my skin. But like PPs have mentioned, no one is going to be color checking. 
  • It will be perfectly fine.  :)  Your dress doesn't have to match the linens.  
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