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bustle too long?

Hey Ladies,

I picked up my dress yesterday (dropped waist, long train) and when it is bustled there is still a little bit to drag around behind me.  It has a long train, but I was wondering if this was normal.  I was under the impression that everything would be tucked up, but there are a good 3-4 inches that still sweep the ground.  What do you think?  Should it be shorter?  My tailor said that some of it has to be left out.
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Re: bustle too long?

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    Mine dragged just a tad. It was fine--it looked pretty, but was short enough that it never got caught underfoot.
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    Mine was like that too.  I will admit that people did get caught on it a few times but it was an 8 point bustle so it didn't break.
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    Mine dragged a bit too, it was not a big deal.  No one stepped on it except me, ha.
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    It depends how you use it. I thought my hem and bustle were fine until I tried to practice our first dance in my dress and tripped all over it. (It was a choreographed dance so it was important to be able to do all the spins and steps!) I had to get it re-done.
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