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Impossible alteration?

I bought this Nicole Miller metallic taffeta wedding dress in a size 12 for a song (90% off of retail because it was a floor sample). While I am NORMALLY a pear-shaped size 12 and if something is going to not fit, it's over the hips, this dress fits everywhere but over my back! The dress fits like the red V line I put on the dress. I have been  weightlifting and it's only getting worse. My wedding is in 4 months.
I took the dress to a local seamstress who is an actual wedding dress designer , knowing it was going to take reconstruction. She tried to convince me to take the "easy" route and lower the back and/or put a lace-up panel in the back. Neither of these are options for me as I want to preserve the look of the dress which is very modern. Upon her advice, I went out and bought the $300 matching XL stole which is over 30" wide and 6' long, so she would have lots of fabric to work with. She is STILL trying to tell me that replacing the panel (as seen in green...there is a horizontal seam at the high hip, way before it starts to not be able to zipper) is going to be problematic and "just not look right."
To which I call BS :)
I sew, but I am hardly a dress designer. However, it makes total logical sense to me that with THAT much fabric and some inexpensive lining it should be totally possible to rebuild this dress and have it almost look identical. I mean, other than the lining which is all one piece, it IS a panel, and a small one at that. Am I out of my mind or is she just hemming and hawing because of the tiny gathers which I can tell will be a total pain the butt. I guess what I am asking is if I should find a new seamstress :)
These pics are not of me, but ones I got off the web to illustrate my point.


Re: Impossible alteration?

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    I'd find another seamstress if it's important to you to have it done right. It should not be that hard to do, and her reluctance to do it is alarming.
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    Ditto everything whirlybird said.  Whirly, get out of my brain!
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    Well ladies, that is NOT me. The fiance is around, so I couldn't snap a pic of me in the dress. It's how the dress is SUPPOSED to fit. I'm not weightlifting to look better, iit's my sport so there is no stopping.

    I will get a 2nd opinion. Was just hoping there were some seamstresses out there who could tell me for sure. :)
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    A good seamstress wouldn't even attempt to tell you simply by looking at that picture.  There are too many intricacies that a small digital photo doesn't show.

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    Conceptually, sure it's possible.  Is it possible to do in that exact dress?  hard to say unless someone has a chance to sit down and really look at it.  And chances of it looking exactly the same as it does right now are slim.
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    I get that, and thanks,. I guess my confusion lies in the fact that when one does an internet search for wedding alterations, and "replace back panel" comes up as an option, and yet I had to SUGGEST and then BEG and then finally got an "Oh, OK, but there will be a hidden seam and it might not look right" makes me wonder if I just have an disinterested seamstress.

    Cause I am a designer myself and personally, and I WELCOME the challenging jobs, not try to take the easy route. :)
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    Ah, that didn't come across in your original message.  Perhaps she is disinterested, or perhaps she's concerned that the image you have in your head is not something that can be achieved so she's trying to steer you in another direction.  Having altered loads of costumes, I find that starting from scratch is SO much easier than trying to take something and alter it while keeping it looking exactly the same.  It's really hard to do and doesn't always meet the expectations of the wearer.

    Take it to another reputable seamstress and get a second opinion.  If she says it's doable and seems more enthuasistic, use her.  If she seems less than enthused or says it's not possible, then I think you have to look for another option rather than another seamstress.
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