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Two bridal dresses for the wedding??

I am sure this has been posted on here before but I went shoppping last weekened, I found and ordered a dress, it was my dream dress, I still love it, it is a ballgown and beautiful, the type I always wanted.
I also tried on a tighter fit and flare oragnza gown that fit me like a glove and looked fabulous, I did like it but was so caught up with everything I went and ordered the ballgown, now I have since got home and looked at phots of it all, and wow that Organza gown looks soo good and I am worried I picked the wrong dress.
BUT I do still love the other as well, they are just two very different dresses.

So my question is have any of you gotten the ballgown for the ceremony and the party dress for after??
I can't get my deposit back so I can't cancel the first dress.
Thanks for any advice.

Re: Two bridal dresses for the wedding??

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    If cost is what is an issue I would stick to the one you bought. I started to somewhat feel like this with my dress. So what I did to make sure of my decision was I put my dress in the closet. I didn't look at it again for a few months...I fell back in love with it! don't look at other dresses anymore. This happens when you keep looking at bridal gowns.

    BUT....if you want two dresses go for it! A lot of girls do this :-)
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    Yes cost is a bit of an issue, so of course it would be better if I just got one. I am scared it will haunt me ha. But I know if I didn't wear my ballgown i would always wish I had as well.
    It is kinda a problem of beautiful dream dress vs dress that fits me really well and makes me look 10 pounds lighter with major curves.. if that makes sense?
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    It does make sense...I originally wanted a tight fitting dress as well :)

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    I personally think it is a waste of money to buy a second dress for the reception. I don't understand this new trend.

    If you already purchased the ballgown, I would go with it and not worry about the other dress. I am sure you will look beautiful in it on your wedding day and obviously something told you that was "the one."

    Do you have any pics of it on you so we could reassure you that the dress you picked is the one for you?
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    If you can afford it, I'd say it's fine. I was also having doubts about my dress, I hadn't seen it in a while and when I went to try it on with my pearls I didn't know if I like it still, but then I tried it back on, and I still loved it.
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    I think it's a massive waste of money, personally.  Why would you spend so much money on a dress you're only going to wear for an hour?
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    I tried to uplaod a pic but no luck, does it take a while??
    I agree I am worried that when the day comes I won't want to take off my gown, it is hard cause they are so different and I wish I had not tried on the organza one haha. It was all in the same appontment but I got wrapped up in it all.
    I will keep trying to get a photo up.
    I do wish I could go try them both on again.
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    I had doubts about my dress until I had it fitted...Once I saw myself in it post-alteration I knew I had made the right choice initially.  It's lucky that you can look so good in more than one dress, but I think it would be best to stick with your guns and never look back (otherwise you will drive yourself crazy!).
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    greengirl you are right, I will drive myself crazy ha. I am a very very indecisive person, so when I was SO sure about the dress I bought I was so proud.
    Then I got home and that indecisiveness came back.
    Maybe it is just wanting what I can't have,
    I think you are all right and it would be silly to get another dress, I hope that the fit of mine when it comes makes all the difference since it was the fit about the other one that I liked.
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    can anyone tell me tips on uploading a pic? does it take a while? it seems to just say it is contacting the site..

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