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Hi Everyone!

My mom and I have been searching for the perfect dress for her to wear to my wedding in August. My colors are hot pink, lime, and silver as an accent. The girls are wearing hot pink (shown below on hanger) and the guys will be wearing silver suits.  My mom has had the idea of the dress she wants to wear in her mind but hasnt been able to find it bc there are so many things she wanted in one dress. 

However, yesterday we went shopping and she found the perfect dress, I couldn't believe it, it seriously met all of her criteria. The only thing she was concerned about is it being fuschia with purplish undertones (it only comes in this color or black - Picture of mom in dress is below). She didn't want to wear a similar color to the bridesmaids - I totally don't see a problem with it - I think she looks great, no matter the color. 

So she asked me to ask my fellow knotties if etiquette wise, is it ok for the MOB to wear a similar color dress as the bridesmaids even though the dresses look nothing alike? Is there an unwritten rule about this? I mean, ultimately, I think she should just get the dress  - it's her daughter's wedding and she should wear whatever she feels most comfortable and beautiful in - this is totally it.

TIA :] and sorry for the novel.. lol

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Re: MOB Dress Etiquette

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    [QUOTE]I mean, ultimately, I think she should just get the dress  - it's her daughter's wedding and she should wear whatever she feels most comfortable and beautiful in - this is totally it.
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    Absolutely, 100%, this.
  • I think it looks great on her. She should get it!
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  • Thank you guys! I agree with the both of you. I can't wait to show her your posts - hopefully it'll help her make up her mind, along with my dad, FI, and myself egging her on to get it. Thanks again :]

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  • She should wear whatever she wants. Unless she is wearing the exact same dress as the bridesmaids (which she isn't), no one will think it's weird.
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  • My mom's dress is nearly the same color as my MOH's dress and I wanted it that way as I wanted my favorite ladies to stand out from everybody.  Both my nieces also have coordinating dresses, one is a JBM and the other a FG, it's going to be cute!
  • Oh, I love the MOB dress, where did you guys find it?  Looks like something my FMIL would love and look great in!
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    she should get teh dress!
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    [QUOTE]Mom's dress is fine and she should get it if she loves it.  There are really no rules that say she has to be in a certain color, length, etc. Her dress just needs to match the overall formality of the event.
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  • As a MOB myself, and a soon to be MOG, your mom should absolutely wear the dress.  Not only is the color of her dress a non-issue, she looks FANTASTIC in it!
  • I say she gets it.  She looks good in it, and as long as she doesn't clash horribly, I don't think the color matters.  ^_^

    (though i have to confess, hot pink and lime green made me flash back to the 80's >< )

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  • I also agree with PPs.  As long as Mom matches overall formality (which she does) and isn't wearing the exact same dress as BMs (she isn't...) you're good.  :)  It looks lovely on her and sounds like it will suit the rest of the wedding too.  I must say, I'm intrigued by the idea of silver suits.  Do you have a pic?
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  • Your mom looks nice in the dress! Ditto PP, there is no rule your mom has to wear
    whatever she feels comfortable in.
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  • The place where I got my bridal gown and the bms dresses said normally the mob wears something to match the wedding colors. Another told me that traditionally, the mob is the second best dressed at the wedding. Well, my colors are pink and silver. My mother fell in love in with a red dress and I though it looked stunning on her. The sales lady showed us other colors that would flow with my bms dresses but I felt like the red was more flattering on my mother and she loved the dress. At the end of the day, it is your wedding so if you love the dress and she does too, go for it! My mom still asks me till this day is it ok she ordered a red dress and I always tell her yes. The way I look at it is this woman gave me life and if she wants to wear a dress that she feels good in and is paying for her self then by all means then she should.
  • That dress suits your mom really well!  If she is looking for the matching jewelry, I have something perfect for her;)  Best wishes on your upcoming day!


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