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Engagement Photo tips

I'm wondering if anyone has any tips of what to wear for engagement photos?  I'm not getting them tell next Spring but wanted to start thinking of what we should wear.  If anyone has any tips please share.  :) 


Re: Engagement Photo tips

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    Solid colors are usually best, and the two of you shouldn't clash, but you don't need to match either. You could go either casual or dressy depending on your setting, or even bring a change of clothes if you'd like to do some of each. Definitely take along some comfortable shoes for moving between locations.
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    Im a photographer myself and engagement photos are one of my favorites just because you get to see the excitment in their faces and the love they have for one another. But here are a couple of ideas im also engaged and are getting my photos done as well but there are a couple different ways to do engagement phots. If you are one for black and white photos where like jeans or black pants and a white or black tee because they always look the best in black and white photos. If you are ones for color photos you can wear whatever you like and it is up to you. My opinion on where is outdoors during a sunset it gives off the most amazing lighting and the romantic feel to the photos when you see them. Smile
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    We wore casual outfits. We didn't match, but we did coordinate with the color blue. I agree with pp...afternoon/evening lighting is most gorgeous! PIB!!
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    i just took mine and we broke all the rules! but I still think they look good. my advice is wear what you love and wear a color! I wore really bright shirt and armwarmers and I think it helped the pics heres an example..

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    When I did mine I was glad to have a change of clothes and do some casual and some Sunday best.
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