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buying a dress a smaller than your size

I was just wondering how many of you ordered/bought a dress that was smaller than your size because you planned on losing weight? I bought my AA dress through ebay and they only had a size smaller than what I wear so I bought it anyway since I plan or should I say want to lose weight...I loved the dress...and figure it could be good motivation to lose the weight. Anyone else out there that can relate?

Re: buying a dress a smaller than your size

  • Everyone I talked with would NOT advise this. You can always make a dress smaller, but it can be very difficult/impossible to make them bigger. I lost weight between when I ordered and got my dress, but I ordered to to fit me at that time. I wanted to order a size smaller- but my mom and the shop discouraged it. But, With one size I think you will be okay, as there should be some seam allowance to let the dress out (if need be). It's when people get it 2 or 3 sizes smaller that it becomes almost impossible. Just don't put too much pressure on yourself to fit into the dress right away (assuming it doesn't fit). Enjoy the time- don't be stressed about fitting a dress. And who knows- with the different sizing and dress styles- the dress might be a perfect fit right when you get it anyways :) It just can be very risky, IMO. Good luck!
  • The nice thing is that most dresses can be let out a size as easily as they can be taken in (unless they've been altered previously, that is). That said, I was on the on the line between two sizes, and ultimately went with the larger (bust and waist were in the smaller size, hips in the larger). I just didn't want to feel the additional pressure of knowing I needed to lose weight to wear the "perfect" dress (the perfect dress should flatter me now, right?). I'm pretty highly motivated anyway--I just want to be my best self, and my present thighs and rump aren't representative of that. I'm happy I ordered the larger of the two sizes. Now, when I march in for my first fitting in a couple months after picking up running 3-4x weekly again, the seamstress can say "wow-- we really should have ordered the smaller size!" and tailor it down to fit! (-:
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  • i think this is the most bizarre idea ever.  one size is at least reasonable, if you were planning to lose a reasonable and safe amount of weight.  girls who order several sizes too small are setting themselves up for disaster.
  • Every single person I've talked to or asked about this has adamantly advised against it - I however didn't listen to them - don't know if it's because I know myself better than them, am stubborn, or wanted to prove something but I ordered my dress 2 sizes smaller than was recommended (they suggested a 16, I bought a 12) and it fit perfectly the day of - needed no alterations besides bustle and a hem and I am so glad because it would have been a lot of work to take the dress in - if you're determined and motivated I don't think you'll have a problem - visit the getting in shape board for some suggestions - GL!!

  • I'm wondering this as well. I plan on joining Weight Watchers probably Monday... and I've been hitting the gym hard. I'm going to wait a couple weeks to even try on dresses, but I'm thinking that a year of Weight Watchers and hardcore workouts will take off lots of pounds. I'm doing this as a "life change" or whatever so if I'm paying and having to get on a scale for people, I think I can do it. Therefore... I was planning on ordering the dress a couple sizes smaller.
  • thanks for the replies! I also heard you shouldn't do this and wasn't planning on it, but when you love a dress and it's a deal sometimes you've got to go for it. I've been losing weight slowly over the last 6 months and will hopefully continue to do so til my Oct 2010 wedding.
  • I actually wish I would have done this!  I bought a dress that fit but lost so much weight that they altered it as far as possible but it was still too big in the end.
  • You bought a size smaller than your WEDDING dress size? Or your NORMAL size? If you bought a dress a size smaller than your normal size that dress is going to be about 3 sizes too small on you. Also, have you tried in this EXACT dress and been sized? Designers also size differently.
  • Everyone says not to do this but when I ordered my dress I was between sizes. I decided to go with the smaller size since I was planning on loosing weight and have been over the past couple months. I didn't want to pay for alterations if I don't have to. I only have a half a size to loose and I have like 8 months to do it so I am pretty confident. As long as you are realistic about it you should be fine.
  • sorry, I meant a size smaller than what I wear in wedding dresses. I also checked the measurement chart too.
  • In that case...I still think it's probably unneeded stress...but if you got a great deal on the dress and you're commited to a little weight loss (you have plenty of time) you should be ok. GL! :)
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