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New Hampshire


I booked with Dave from a photographic memory I know some people don't like him but I think I'm gonna take a chance with him...and pray he does awesome!!! I met with him and me and FI really like him!....Now I just need a cheap Videographer!

Re: Photographer!

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    We are booked with him too, and he has been wonderful to work with so far! He and Adam took our epics (in my bio) and they came out awesome!
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    Congrats, that's a huge check off the list.
    Christina 10.26.08
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    You will not be disappointed!!
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    I worked with Dave yesterday for a Fearless Bride shoot. He was AMAZING to work with. He showed us some of the shots from his camera and they looked phenomenal. His attention to detail was fabulous. I really wish I had booked him for our wedding. You won't be disappointed! Congrats.
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    awww really! Thats good to hear Im getting so excited!!!Adam is doing our e-pics next week....I cant wait....Whats a fearless bride shoot?
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    It's their version of "trash the dress"  (and no one's dresses were trashed...  just amazing photos taken in off-beat locations without the stress of rushing off to awaiting guests at your reception.)I agree, Dave and the other photographers, have an INCREDIBLE attention to detail.  To the extent that I can say I've NEVER in my life met anyone so willing to get just the right shot.  Most photographers are concerned about the "big picture" but Dave and his guys noticed bracelets facing the wrong way and necklace clasps in the front, and took the time to get everything just right.  The guys were high-fiving each other over getting the cooler shots, which shows how passionate they are about photography.  I would have paid for APM to come to Maine for my wedding, if I had only known then what I know now...  My photographer was great, but not artistic.  I feel like I really missed out.
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    The 'Fearless brides" shoot was my first opportunity to work with Dave.  I agree with the others - a wonderful experience.  I got great photos from my photographer at my wedding, but I think I would have had FAR more fun with APM!!
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    awww thats so awesoem to hear thank u girls so much!!!!
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